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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We’ve had a makeover!


Pictured above is our old look.  Courtenay and I were beginning to get quite the headache from all the pink and wanted something a little bit more subtle, yet still girly.  Simon’s awesome mum, Michelle (who blogs over at thejamjar), came on board and helped us out, revamping our blog for us.  What do you think?

Michelle hand painted our new blog title image (the cupcake) and the ribbon banner underneath – pretty freakin’ talented huh?  On our lovely new ribbon banner you still have all the usual options:

  • Home will take you to the latest posts on the blog
  • About us takes you to a page with some info about who we (Melissa and Courtenay) are
  • Recipe index is a clickable list of all the goodies on the blog
  • Weights and Measures is a list of helpful conversions you might need while baking
  • Lunchbox Bakes explains all about our Lunchbox Bakes feature and lists the recipes we have made for it
  • Advertising is a page with information about how you can advertise on BMTB.  It also has buttons for our page which you can pop on your blog to share how much love us (go on, take one – you know you want to!)

On the right hand sidebar you will now find our sweet new social media buttons which will take you to where you can find us on Vimeo, Twitter, Email, Facebook and Pinterest.  Cute!

So, welcome to our new look.  We hope you like it as much as we do.  Let us know know if something doesn’t quite seem right, just in case we are having teething problems.  Also, if you love our new look and just so happen to want some design work done for yourself, use that pretty new email button in the right hand side bar and drop us a line; Michelle may be able to help :)


  1. Love it - looking great! And loving looking through your recipes too. Made your red velvet cake last week for a baby shower and it turned out perfectly (well I thought so for my first time making it anyway). So delish! Thanks!

  2. Looks so pretty and cute exactly what a baking blog shuld look like. Love it.

  3. It is cool. We needed Simon's Mum when we were getting the AMQG one up and running!

  4. Looks amazing girls! I really love it.
    I did tell you

  5. Love the new blog makeover, it's simple yet effective! I'm in the middle of trying to redesign my blog, it's so hard!

  6. Oh your new look looks fantastic!!
    Its so cute and pretty! The cupcake is darling too!!
    CONGRATULATIONS! And also well done on your FOOD TV partnership! It is so amazing for you!!
    -Britney of Lemonwood and Honey