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Lunchbox Bakes

'Lunchbox Bakes' was a regular feature on Baking Makes Things Better during 2012.  Melissa came up with the idea and each fortnight posted up a recipe of something she made to take to work as part of her lunch for the week.

Why? Well, she wanted to eat healthier but also keep up her baking. The aim was to make some stuff with less sugar and chocolate than most of the recipes posted up on here, but hopefully keep them yummy enough that buying something from a cafe would not be a temptation.  There was appeal in the idea that since it was homemade, you know what is in it unlike some of the offerings at the supermarket.  It was also a nice little challenge.

Here's a list of recipes we've tried for the challenge:

We will continue to post up recipes that would make delicious additions to your lunch box, but we won't be putting the logo at the bottom of each post and scheduling them to appear on the blog each fortnight.  However, anything we think would make a great 'Lunchbox Bakes' recipe will still be pinned to our Lunchbox Bakes pinterest board, so you can head over there for new ideas and inspiration!