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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Update From Courtenay

So you might remember that Shane, Max and I relocated to New Plymouth from Auckland at the end of January.  The main reason we did this is that Shane and I are launching our own business!  It is a very exciting and nerve wracking time for our household but one we are positive will best for us in the long run.

What type of business are we launching you ask?  How can you support one half of your favourite blogging duo?  Our business is called ‘Urbangrow’ and the aim of the business is to provide people who live in urban areas products, support and solutions that enable them to grow their own food.  We will be open on 2 April – so not long to go now.  You can support us by ‘liking’ us on Facebook – we are currently running a competition on our page and all you have to do to be in to win is ‘like’ us, following us on Twitter or our blog  and purchasing from our website or physical store in New Plymouth.  We would love it if you could support us; when you are starting a new business the more support you can garner the better so please feel free to do all of the above and to let all your family and friends who are interested in growing their own food know about us too.

Just like baking we believe that growing your own food has many benefits, from the therapeutic relaxing feeling that growing/making something yourself provides, to the practicality of saving money and knowing exactly what your food has been grown in and treated with/what is going into your food, as well as being environmentally friendly as you are reducing food miles and eliminating all the excess packaging that you pick up at the supermarket.

In amongst doing things for the business set up I have dedicated some time to bake over the next few days so keep and eye out on the blog for new recipes being posted very soon.

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