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Friday, March 23, 2012

Vanilla Passionfruit Cupcakes

Van Passionfruit CC1
Thinking – “Ooooh that cupcake looks pretty… but a little bit familiar”?  That’s because it is.  I have been wanting to experiment with this flavour for a little while now and used the idea of my Lemon Meringue Cupcakes to give it a go.  If you want to do the same all you need to do is use your favourite vanilla cupcake recipe, like this one (halved) or you could use a packet mix if cupcakes aren’t your strong suit (I recommend Betty Crocker Vanilla Cake Mix if you want to go down this track).

The first step is as simple as adding a quarter cup of passionfruit curd to your mix and bake for the specified time, or until you can either touch the middle of the cupcake and it bounces back, or insert a skewer and have it come out clean.

The second step is once your cupcakes have cooled you need to scoop out the centre of your cupcake – I used my half teaspoon measure (but could have scooped a little deeper this time around) and fill the hole with passionfruit curd.

I chose to top my cupcakes with a cooked glossy meringue which is easier to do than it might look:
Meringue Topping
2 egg whites
150g caster sugar

Whisk egg whites and caster sugar in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water for approximately 5 minutes (until sugar has dissolved - when you rub some of the mixture between your fingertips it won't feel grainy). Move bowl to mixer, using whisk attachment mix until stiff peaks form and the mixture thick and glossy.

Van Passionfruit CC2

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