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Friday, December 2, 2011

Miss Melicious Cupcake Boutique

Miss Melicious

The Miss Melicious Cupcake boutique opened this week, you can find her and her delicious goodies in Te Atatu, Auckland. She has the most delicious and innovative range of cupcakes on offer so it might be a good idea to check out her website and familiarise  yourself with some of her creations before you visit. The boutique shop is pinkilicious and has gorgeous accents like the chandeliers (even in the bathroom!), cool artwork and retro serviette holders as well as room inside and out to sit and enjoy cupcakes and tea. I was lucky enough to pick up four fantastic flavors while Shane, Max and I were out exploring this afternoon, they were strawberry, choc berry, peanut butter and toffee pop! All scrumptious, moist and with the perfect ratio of cupcake to icing.



So if you are in Auckland and are after a delicious treat go and check out Miss Melicious. Once you do I’m sure you will be a fan, just like me – and you all know that if you are a fan you should do the polite thing and ‘like’ her on facebook to help spread the word, remember you to ‘like’ us as well while you are there, if you haven’t already!


Miss Melicious
80 Gunner Drive, Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland
P: 027 635 637
E: mel@missmelicious.com


  1. I am lucky to have tried some of her addictive yummy cupcakes! Will definitely check her store out when in NZ next! (-:

  2. Best cupcakes i've had, and a gorgeous shop! Chelles xx

  3. I LOVE Miss Melicious and her cupcakes! I found out about them through Bitchin Bingo, and have ordered from her twice now.

    I did tell you

  4. The only thing left out are YOUR HOURS!!!!!!!!! when are you open??? im going to be coming from across town... dont wnt to turn up and be disapointed!!! Lisa.

  5. Ok, we don't actually run the shop - this is a review of the store. You can view the opening hours on their facebook page and contact details are on their website. Links to both sites are provided in the blog post.