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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Step Right Up! Circus Circus Café


I thought I better give this café a mention on the blog as it is my favourite place to go for a late night hot chocolate and sweet treat.  Simon and I often come here for a coffee and some time out to catch up or read a book.  If I can't think of anywhere new I want to try, Circus Circus is where we head.  I love all the fairy lights which adds the ambience making the place feel nice and cosy inside.  The old circus posters about the place and the gold and red paint job are pretty cool too.

I love pretty much everything in their front cabinet - the chocolate cake is delicious, there is usually a yummy caramel and nut slice and everything looks really appealing.  It is really hard to choose what to get.  However, my favourite indulgence lately has been the Blackberry Creme Brulee.  It is sooo good.

Last night we had dinner there too, as they have a voucher in the Entertainment Book that gives you a complimentary meal when you purchase one and we had nothing ready for dinner (going to Circus Circus was a bit more appealing than getting take-out pizza).  Circus Circus has received the Entertainment Book award for the 'Best Family Restaurant' for the past three years.  I had the Pork Belly and Simon had the Salmon.  Both meals were delish.

So yeah, if you are home one night with nothing to do I recommend popping into Mt Eden for a visit to Circus Circus.  Order one of their large bowls of hot chocolate and pick something yum to eat from the cabinet :)

Circus Circus
447 Mt Eden Road, Auckland, New Zealand
Ph: 09623 3833
E: circuscafe@xtra.co.nz
Open 6.30am - 11pm, 7 days


  1. I always go for the pork belly if it's on the menu. And creme brulee..

    I'm a simple peoples :)

  2. Oh wow! I really will need to go! It really looks amazing

    I did tell you