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Friday, June 3, 2011

Just a quick word

I won’t be posting any other recipes from the high tea for a few days as I am heading off for the long weekend – no computer and hardly any cell phone reception.

However, before I go, I need to alert you to the new Cadbury Mousse Chocolate blocks.  This stuff is heavenly and you must try it.

Also, Simon has done a couple of cute food related things recently which I snapped photos of…

The other night I was really tired and had headed to bed when I remembered that I hadn’t boiled some eggs for my lunch the next day (I’ve been having egg mashed with mayo and ham sammies).  Simon offered to do it and when I came out into the kitchen the next morning these eggs with cute sad faces greeted me.

And, this morning he made me pikelets for breakkie!  Love.

Speaking of pikelets, I recently got this plaque to go on the wall in our kitchen:

You can get pavlova and hokey pokey ones too.  I got ours from The Garden Party on Ponsonby Road but I have seen them in the Texan Art School shops as well.

Anyways, off I go.  Have a great weekend :)


  1. Very cute the hard boiled eggs, I can just see Simon doing that. Hope you are both well. Alli

  2. That chocolate is incredible. There is a new release one with a raspberry jelly in it and it takes all my willpower to not eat the entire block!