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Monday, January 24, 2011

Food Roadie North of Auckland

Simon and I headed up to the beach (Ruakaka – family has a Bach) on Saturday to chill out for the weekend since Simon had Monday off work.  The weather was horrible!  Severe wind and rain, but it was great to be somewhere quiet (well not really, Simon started playing Final Fantasy on his Xbox which meant I had to put up with its constant and repetitive music).  I got some baking done and we stopped in at a few food shops on our way to and from the beach.

Our first stop was in at Matakana to visit their farmers market and we stopped in Morris and James, a local pottery place:

matakana3 (2)
So, lots of yummy food at the Matakana Farmers market – fresh produce, baking, beverages and lots of little things like hot filled rolls to eat there.  Matakana also has a Nosh store and their own local brand of ice cream, Blue, which is delish (tried some on my way back from snorkelling at Goat Island earlier in the month).  The village has some other gorgeous stores too, my fave is Red Letter Day – an awesome specialty stationery store.

We also stopped at Kaiwaka and went to the Dutch Deli, where we got some fancy chocolate sprinkles, hollandaise-mayonnaise and some specialty cheese:

Kaiwaka (2)
On our way home we stopped in at Warkworth and went to Chocolate Brown, but I will post about that tomorrow as I took lots of pics and I have already put up heaps in this post.  It’s also an awesome place that deserves its own post :)

If you’re planning on taking a trip North from Auckland you could always stop in at Puhoi as well.  I went there not so long ago, so we didn’t have a look on this trip.  Puhoi also has a farmers market, cheese shop and even has a mustard maker.

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  1. Hehe, you'll never believe this but I was filmed for a TV advertisement beginning of last year at the Matakana farmer's market!! The ultimate question though: did you try the licorice icecream at the Icecream shop in Matakana??? TO DIE FOR!!!

    Do check out my blog, I'm certainly enjoying yours :) www.pretty-yummy-things.blogspot.com