Friday, February 1, 2013

KitchenAid Giveaway!

KitchenAid Empire Red Artisan Mixer
It's our birthday this month!  Can you believe that BMTB is 3?!  Over the last few years we have shared over 300 recipes with you all, many of them have been made in our freestanding mixers.  We both believe that these little beauties really do make baking better and freestanding mixers don't come any better than the KitchenAid Stand Mixers.
So even though it is our birthday, one of you lucky readers are going to get the best present any baker could ask for…

A KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer!
We are very excited to announce that KitchenAid have given us one of their KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixers (RRP NZ$995.00) to giveaway.  And, the winner gets to choose what colour they would like.  There’s White, Almond Cream, Empire Red, Black, Cobalt Blue, Yellow Pepper or Green Apple to pick from.  Cool huh?!

A KitchenAid Stand Mixer is a baker’s dream come true.  It will save you time and energy, while providing outstanding results.  In fact, the unique planetary mixing action allows the beater to spiral to 67 different points on the bowl for quick and complete mixing.  That’s the highest beater-to-bowl coverage in the industry!  Also, the trademark hub allows for the attachment of numerous accessories, allowing your mixer to be transformed into a pasta machine, meat grinder, ice cream machine, vegetable slice, sausage maker and much more.

Help us say thank you for such a great prize by sending the folk at KitchenAid an appreciative message on twitter.  If you want to get dreaming about all the attachments you want to go with your new mixer, check out the KitchenAid website or sign up to their newsletter to get all the latest KitchenAid recipes and info to your inbox.

To enter, leave us a comment below (click where it says ‘comments’ next to the ‘posted by’ information) telling us what colour you would like and your favourite recipe from Baking Makes Things Better.  Make sure you include your name and either leave your email address, like us on facebook or follow the blog so you can find out if you have won.
The giveaway closes 5pm Thursday 14th February.  We will announce the winner on Friday 15th February on our blog and facebook.  The giveaway is open to New Zealand residents only. The winner will be chosen at random and contacted once the competition closes. If we have not been able to contact a winner by 5pm Monday 18th February, the prize will be re-drawn.

KitchenAid Artisan Mixer


  1. RED

    Baileys and Mars bar cheesecake

  2. Red - because red things go faster!
    Chocolate Macadamia Cookies - yum yum

  3. Its so hard to choose a favourite recipe, but for today I think the marshmellow peanut butter tart is definately up there, this could change by tomorrow depending on what we bake after school! I would love the red mixer. I would also like to take the chance to thank you for all your amazingly easy recipes, school lunch ideas and easy to follow recipes. You have helped me feel like a real mum that bakes :)

  4. Green Apple

    Lemon sour cream cake

    Rachael Tobeck -

  5. My fave recipe is Courtenay's Raspberry Lemon cake! And I would love a yellow one pretty please! Thanks from Kerryn Peters

  6. O wow, my dream is a white Kitchen Aid.

    On your blog, your midnight cookies is my favourite


    1. PS! Happy birthday! Baking definitely does make things better and the Kitchen Aid will make my baking better.

  7. Hi BMTB!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Happy Birthday! If I won I would choose Apple Green. And a fave recipe is Cookie Dough cupcakes! (Who doesn't love cookie dough, AND cupcakes)
    Briony Singleton

  8. I would love to win the Kitchen Aid mixer,I would pick the Empire Red :) Our fave recipe (kids included) is the cinnamon scrolls. Good for lunches. Kylee Weitenberg

  9. green


    Tegan Smith

  10. Cobalt Blue. So far I love Dirks lemon meringue pie, but there are still so many others to try.
    Sarah Hastie

  11. i love the green - have just painted my kitcen walls the same colour! favourite recipe is the sour cream lemon cake - yummilicious!

  12. would LOVE Yellow Pepper (yellow lover lol)
    and I can not get enough of your cinnamon scrolls!!! Jacinta Hood

  13. The chocolate coconut cake has saved me a few times - need to have something to take to school or work for a morning tea... Don't have the energy to bake and ice 2 dozen cupcakes... This cake is perfect. And even better if there is any leftover to sneak it home and eat it warm with ice-cream and some hot fudge sauce!

    I have been dreaming of a KitchenAid mixer fro years. The only tourble is deciding on a colour... I would either go Blue or Almond Cream.

  14. The green mixer is beautiful!
    I loved the cookie monster cupcakes! They were so cute with the cookie sticking out of his mouth mid chew.
    I also really enjoyed the recipe at Halloween for frankfurter mummies :)
    Victoria Gardner

  15. Almond cream because it sounds like food...but seriously wouldn't mind what colour if I was to win one of these babies!!!
    My favourite recipe, pictures make me drool, is the Cinnamon Pull-apart Loaf from March 2012.

    Kristin Flanagan xxx

  16. Black
    Little Hummingbird Cakes
    Kate G

  17. RED.

    Lemon cheesecake slice

  18. Oh my gosh! So excited! I would love the black one.

    I made the Doughnut Muffins a while ago. Amazing.

    Di O'Hanlon

  19. Hi there, I absolutely love the recipe for 5 minute chocolate mug cake, its great because my daughter can make it and she loves being in the kitchen, if I am lucky enough to win I would love a blue one :)

  20. Red!

    I loved all your Halloween recipes, they were perfect for the little Halloween party we threw - so the Sausage mummy fingers and the Spider cupcakes are my favourites :-)

  21. I would sooooo love this, especially in Red!
    I have tried (and loved) so many recipes but my favourite at the moment is the Sand Art Brownie - These Brownies made awesome Christmas presents and I had so much great feedback about them :-)
    Sandra van Splunder

  22. Thanks so much for the chance to win this fabulous prize from KitchenAid.

    I love the cinnamon scroll recipe - so delicious.

    I would choose Empire Red as it looks so racy!


  23. I love so many of your recipes, my favourite at the moment would be the passionfruit and lemon tarts with white choc ganache. I would love to win a blue mixer.

  24. Happy Birthday BMTB!

    It would have to be red velvet cake, can't get enough of it at the moment!

    If I won i'd like a blue one please :)

  25. Oh wow! I do all my baking by hand mixer... such a treat it would be to have a kitchenaid stand mixer... definitely a white one! To choose a favourite recipe is almost impossible... I always turn to your blog recipe list first now when looking to try out a new treat! I LOVED the lemon tart, and recently made the chocolate cheesecake and it was a fantastic hit... my husband made the choc mudcake... and that was a treat too... and my nephews love the biscuits I make from your hundreds of biscuits recipe... esp the raspberry and pistachio ones! To choose one recipe I guess I would have to say what I loved for this... lemon tart!! Thanks for all your awesome recipes and the opportunity to celebrate your 3rd birthday!

  26. I would love a red one! Fav recipe is the sour cream lemon cake :-)

  27. The Red KitchenAid would look awesome on my counter top. My favorite would have to be the White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies - we've made it many times since our baking class.


  28. I would love Red!!

    A firm favourite in our house are the Cinnamon scrolls mmmmmm :-)

  29. I love love the chocolate berry cheesecake and also the chocolate cheesecake. I would love to win this prize because Feb is my birthday month too and its a special one too. I would love the prize in red as it would look stunning and be so well used!! Tania

  30. RED

    White Velvet Funfetti Cake! Awesome!

  31. Green please - cowboy cookies ~ Natasha rankin

  32. Would love love love the red one!
    Our wee family is in love with the Milo Biscuits, made far to many batches to count now. The teenager of the house insits on these lunchbox treats now!

  33. I LOVE the chocolate cheesecake and would love to win the kitchenaid, i have wanted one for years! I would love to win the red one :)

  34. Happy Birthday and Love your Blog. Love that it is so Kiwi! My fave recipe is the caramel anzac slice - a yummy twist to a NZ classic. I would like a green apple Mixer.
    Email address

  35. Happy birthday BMTB! I would LOVE an ice KitchenAid ... or any KitchenAid! (No purple??)

    I make your black forest brownie all the time - it has become my party piece and gets so many compliments. Thanks so much for sharing so many yummy recipes! :)

  36. WOW i would love the black one! its hard to pick my fav recipe from your site! but my kids fav that i have made so far is by far the carrot cake! it is such a moist recipe, it was gone in a day and a half! and is such a big cake!

  37. Almond Cream would be so chic!

    One of my fave recipes is your new one... the Raspberry and Lemon cake! YUM!


  38. Black,
    I made Cheese cake brownie swirls for a girls movie night, went down a treat!

  39. There are soooo many wonderful recipes on here - I think the one that has gotten the most comments from friends and family is the recently posted Raspberry and Lemon cake. It was siomply devine! I would love a red KitchenAid so I can continue to whip up your recipes nom nom :) Happy Birthday - great blog - always look forward to the new posts and giving them a go at home.

  40. I'd pick cream Kitchen Aid because I keep wanting to change the clour of my kitchen! You have lots of great recipes but I did really enjoy the high tea post with Lydia, so cool you guys met up.

  41. i would love the green one and my fav recipe is the milo biscuits! yummy!
    shannon reekie

  42. Holy cinnamon scrolls, Batman!

    I would totes love a black one to pimp my kitchen with.

    Stay classy, BMTB! Love your work!

  43. What a Fabulous giveaway! Afghan recipe is now a firm family favourite. My favourite colour is the elegant cream colour.

  44. Green
    Peanut Butter Lava Cake

    Amelia Lee-Hussien

    1. Sorry I meant the peanut butter chocolate truffles but I used them inside a lava cake - Only just realized haga

  45. Empire Red
    Fav recipe cinnamon scrolls
    Karen Hook -

  46. I would love a red one because it's classy
    My favourite recipe is marshmallow brownie slice

  47. Happy Birthday! I would chose a black one, and my fav recipe is hte chicken meatballs wrapped in prosciutto.

  48. Wow! Any colour will be great as I have so much stuff to make for 3 kids!
    From you blog I use the raspberry Lemon tart in small cupcake try in the kids cream it up!
    .....and happy birthday

  49. BLACK

    The mini-vegetable frittatas were a BIG hit at our church potluck. Mmmmmm!

    Mary Helfenberger

  50. Hi, Green please.

    Banoffie Pie!!

    Cassie Miles

  51. RED, to match everything else in the kitchen. Fave receipe would be the spinach and feta twist, love it!!

    Jacqui Law

  52. Happy Birthday
    Black please :)
    favourite recipe so far would be the mint chocolate cheesecake, there are so many more i want to try, your blog is great.

    Jodie Quedley -

  53. Wow what a great competition, one of these would be very handy!

    The colour i would love is Black, My favourite recipe is hands down the Raspberry Macarons.


  54. Black

    Baileys and Mars Bar Cheesecake


    Sheree Brown

  55. Hello from Stephane Steele!

    I think I would like the Red one or maybe Green Apple or the cream?! So hard to choose just one! I'm in a love hate relationship with the cinnamon scrolls. I love them but they HATE my thighs! ;) any way have a great birthday and eat lots of cake!

  56. Happy Birthday! I absolutely love scrolling through your srummy recipes, so many to choose from, Thanks for sharing them:)One of my favs is the white chocolate and macadamia nut muffins. Winning the kitchenaid mixer would certainly make light work in my kitchen, I've been eying up one for years, I especially love the red one ;)
    Jeanna Berriman

  57. Red, very sexc. Fav BMTB recipe: Caramal Anzac SLice is a house hold regular. Thakns girls :)

    Melanie Washer

  58. OMG - which recipie to choose! Red Velvet cake to go with a red mixer :-) I was asked to make a red velvet cake and I have never made or tasted one before, it was a 21st cake so off to your trusty site I went and baked up a storm, they just LOVED it!
    Thanks again for your blog it is not only full of recipie inspiration but also keeps me up to date with what programms are on offer to extend my knowledge and appreciation for my hobby :-)
    My cake mixer has just been fixed for the second time and I am afraid it is on it's last legs so I will keep my fingers and toes crossed. Thanks so much for the chance to win, and keep up the fantastic job you both do.


    Empire Red!! And I can't get past the Cinnamon Pull-Apart Loaf of course - ultimate comforttttttt

  60. Maple and Bacon ‘Breakfast’ Cupcakes because that is just a winning combination in any form.
    I would pick the Yellow Pepper machine.

    and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^_^

    Red-cos red makes things go faster :)

    Oooh its so hard to decide which recipe I love the best! But I'll stick with my red theme and say all of the red velvet recipes. YUMO

  62. It is my dream to own a Kitchen Aid mixer and I have been wishing for one since I started my baking and cheffing career. Winning this competition would absolutely be the best thing! Definately a mixer that is Empire Red please, as the theme colour in my new kitchen at home is red. My favourite recipe would have to be Mars Bar Cupcakes - they go down a treat with anyone I bake them for!!

  63. I would like the almond cream, because it sounds tasty.

  64. Happy birthday!

    If I won I really wouldn't care what colour it is as I've wanted a mixer for such a long time. I love the triple chocolate fudge recipe, YUM!
    Helen Walton

  65. Ooooh, green apple, and those cheese/chive muffins. YUM.

  66. Love your page and would love to be able to bake like you ladies do! A Empire Red mixer would be a great start! Love the lemon tart actually anything lemon! making the confetti biscuits with my girls today :) last day of school hols for them.

  67. Red for me if I win please! :) Favourite recipe would be anything lemon but definitely the Lemon Sour Cream Cake - always a winner! thanks for the chance, Lisa K. tahurifarm(at)xtra(dot)co(dot)nz

  68. Today the favourite recipe will be Russian Fudge ... always a favourite and a great gift to give.
    The Black Kitchen Aid looks rather classy =)

  69. Green apple.
    Pesto and Mozzarella Bites looks delicious!

    eddie (dot) loeffen (at) gmail (dot) com

  70. Lemon Sour Cream Cake is delish!!

    Love the Green Apple 1

  71. luv this, Black mixer but any colour would do

    Gingerbread slice - make it over and over YUM

  72. Happy Birthday! What an amazing giveaway.
    It is hard to pick a favourite, I love Mere's Choc Chip Blondies, the Cookie Dough Brownies and the Cashew, Pesto and Parmesan Muffins.
    I would love the Almond Cream mixer!

  73. My favourite recipe is the chocolate salted caramel tart, mmmm... I absolutely love the Empire Red mixer colour, that would match the colours in my kitchen perfectly :-)

  74. mmmm marshamallow brownie cupcakes what more can I say....drool. And to whip up some baking in a green apple mixer would be a dream!

  75. thank you for this oppurtunity and hoping that I could be one of the winner. I like the tripple chocolate cake and I love greens so I'm choosing the apple green.


    thank you very much and more power to you!

  76. Candy apple. Soo hard to pick a favourite, made and gave your shortbread to family and friends for Xmas and everyone wanted the recipe, have been asked to make the lemon cheesecake slice over and over again! But my fab is the salted caramel cupcakes- Devine!!
    Keep up the good work
    Kelly Blackie

  77. really like the red
    Baileys and Mars Bar Cheesecake

    Happy Birthday


  78. Love the Red one!!! - Trudie

  79. What an amazing giveaway!

    I'd have to go for the Empire Red, with my favourite recipe being the cinnamon pullapart loaf (but that was really mean making us choose just one!)


  80. karen harvey
    Love the apple green or red one
    Fav recipe: choc berry cheesecake,mars bar cheesecake with baileys.

  81. Happy Birthday ! This is such a lovely giveaway! I would love red colour please, and would make Vanilla snow pavlova! my details are
    Thanks Saritha

  82. RED RED RED... my kitchen needs a red one!!! I would just DIE if I won this!!!! MY favorite recipe is the ginger loaf... soooo simple but so tasty. Also, my husband gets a lot of the lunchbox bakes, they are inspirational!!


  83. Happy Birthday! Cant believe its been 3 years, I love your Raspberry and Lemon cake So Delish and I love the Empire Red Kitchen Aid Mixer I have always wanted one and it would be a dream to have one in my kitchen so I can whip up lots of yummy treats from you fantastic blog. Its so cool to be able to get recipes from a couple of cool Kiwi chicks instead of going to all the US blogs and having to work out how much 1 cup of butter is in grams or 2 sticks of butter in grams. Keep up the good work.

  84. Happy Birthday- I love this site!!
    I would like the black one!
    My favourite recipe is the Mint Choc Cheesecake!!

  85. - Black would be my choice

    - Lemon sour cream cake is so yummy

  86. oooh Happy Birthday!
    Empire Red for me please.

  87. Happy 3rd Birthday :)
    Cobalt Blue Kitchen Aid yes please
    Easy Peasy Chocolate Cake is yummy
    Christine Dixon

  88. It's hard to chose my favorite recipe as I haven't tried them all! But from the ones I have tried, I absolutely love the lemon poppy seed muffins!
    I would like the blue one please

  89. Yay My dream appliance!

    Empire Red please!

    Lemon Sour Cream Cake!!!

  90. Ooh please the almond cream or red one!

    Fave recipes so far: Chocolate peanut butter slice and the lemon tart!

    – Mindy Wigglesworth

  91. Happy Birthday!!

    Gotta be RED!!

    Fave recipe is one that has made birthday's in my house so much easier: Easy peasy chocolate cake - so easy the kids can make it and perfect for a busy mum to whip up at the last minute!!


  92. i would love the almond cream one...(would totally love pink but thats not a choice)

    fave recipe has got to be the little cheese cake mouses!

    Anastasia Kerr

    fingers crossed!!!!!

  93. I would love to win an Empire Red one. I have crossed all of my fingers and some of my toes. My favourite recipe is Raspberry Lemon cake.

  94. gosh, if i had to pick one it would have to be the sour cream lemon cake! and thanks for the easy to follow instructions.

  95. cobalt blue to go with other accessories in my house. fav recipe would either be sour cream lemon cake or red velvet cupcakes (my 4 yr daughter's fav). i don't have a freestanding mixer and i'm 40 in a couple of months so this would make my year! good luck everyone xx

  96. The Green Apple

    Oooh so much to make, mmmmm ... start with the Baileys Mars Bar Cheesecake. And some more pillow cookies (they're yummy!)


  97. Def the Green Apple one

    Just one recipe?? My absolute favourite would have to be the choc berry cheesecake

  98. Oh Id love an Empire Red one! Something about a pop of Red in the kitchen.... love it and such eye candy! My favourite recipe is the Lemon Whoopie Pies, going through a Whoopie Pie phase at the moment! Thanks very much for the opportunity to enter!! My email is

  99. I would LOVE an Empire Red mixer!
    Favourite recipe would have to be Milo Biscuits, I make them for bake sales all the time and they always fly out the door and make lots of money for charities!

    Sophie Ravlich

    P.S. Happy Birthday, LOVE BMTB too :)

  100. Happy Birthday Guys
    Ooooooooo & Empire Red pretty pls

    Fav recipe wod have 2 b th microwave mug cakes, as my 2 boys luv 2 make thm themselves & make diff variations

    Hersha Gulab :)

  101. Happy Birthday!! I love the Chocolate Coconut Cake,its my go to recipe! I would choose the Red one :)


  102. Empire Red

    One Dough hundreds of biscuits - I love trying different combinations :)

  103. I love the chocolate peanut butter slice, mere bear's black forest brownie and lots of cupcake recipes!

    Green apple please.

    Kathryn Lewis -

  104. Empire Red or Almond Cream !!

    Lemon Cheesecake Slice is my fav

    Connor Baker

    Liked on FB
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  105. Happy Birthday to youuu, I only discovered this blog about a week ago but I have already tried quite a few of the recipes, my fave is probably the Baileys and Mars bar Cheesecake, so naughty but oh so delicious :)

    I would like the Almond Cream mixer pretty pretty pleeaseee :)

    Catie Notley

  106. i would looove a Kitchen aid mixer as i always make pav's and baked passion fruit cheese cakes. I dont care what colour any help in the kitchen would be fab
    Cheers Carla

  107. The almond cream mixer would look perfect in my kitchen - oh I so hope I can win this!
    The marshmellow peanut butter tart was amazing, but every day I'm inspired by the recipes that you post!

    Email me through my webpage!

  108. o my isnt the green one awesome!
    the lemon poppy seed cake was amazing, could have had the whole cake just for myself!
    who ever wins this is one lucky chicken :)

  109. the cobalt blue would look good in my kitchen and at the moment my fave recipe is the milo son loves them.

  110. Happy Birthday to you!

    My kids love the gingerbread men recipe (or in our house gingerbread spiders, stars, cars and fish), then I use the egg white to whip up some meringues!

    Racy Red would be my dream machine! xx

  111. Green Apple

    Happy birthday. I have a whole list of favourite recipes but the most baked by far is Dirks Lemon Meringue Pie. mmmmmm


  112. Red please

    Cheesecake Brownie Swirl so yumm

  113. Happy birthday! I just made the spinach & feta pinwheels, yum.
    Would love the Empire red one.

    Melissa McKenzie.

  114. Has to be in the green! Fav recipe is the sour cream lemon cake!

  115. Happy birthday!

    I am most impressed by your recipe for Russian Fudge.

    (I'd like the Empire red mixer.)

    Frazer O

  116. Green please! Cheesecake Brownie Swirls are my fave :-)

    Kym -

  117. You guys are cranking! 3 years! Way to go! Fav recipe is brown sugar iced biscuits - YUM. Ideal mixer colour would be cream. Thanks, Zara

  118. RED RED RED please!!!!!!! That's my fav colour in my kitchen!!!!!! Or turqoise as second choice. Our family favourite is your Banofe Pie!!!!! It's the best recipe ever.
    Happy birthday to you!!!
    Lisa -

  119. Empire Red please!
    My favourite recipie is for sour cream lemon cake because its easy to make, its lemony, its moist, its just an AMAZEBALLS cake that everyone should try at least once :)


  120. Green apple for me! Happy birthday BMTB! Love the blog & your recipes, hard to pick a favorite, the last thing I made was the spinach & feta plaited bread.

  121. Happy birthday 'Baking Make Things Better' What a great idea for a competition.

    My favourite recipe so far:
    Cranberry and White Chocolate Cookies with Pecans


  122. SQUEEEEEEEEE! Kitchenaide!

    I'd love a black one, cuz black is slimming, so I gather everything I make in it will make me slimmer?

    We love bacon in our household so the Bacon, Cheese and Chive muffins are AMAZEBALLS. Mm mm

    Thanks for the opportunity <3

  123. Happy Birthday to you.
    My favourite recipie is Bayleys and Mars Bar Cheesecake.
    A kitchenaid mixer has always been a dream of mine. My current mixmaster is on it's last legs so i have my fingers and toes crossed.
    As for colour choice, I can never go past the Empire Red.

    lisa manning

  124. "Red" and my favourite recipe is the cookie dough brownie... yum!


  125. Almond Cream

    Jelly Slice - very, very yummy


  126. Green and my favourite recipe is Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcakes! Yummo.

  127. Happy Birthday!

    I absolutely heart the empire red one and extra heart your chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

    Suzie Gregory -

  128. Black
    Spinach and feta plait

  129. Empire red - that's the easy bit. As for the recipe....difficult choice to make but its Sour Cream Lemon Cake.


  130. Happy birthday!!!!

    Best blog ever.

    Definately Green...Awesome colour and I LOVED the Oreo Cupcakes and the Peppermint cupcakes. Justto name a few.

    Cheese and Mince pies are to die for as well Mmmmm!!!
    Vitorina Scott

    Thanks Ladies for the opportunity, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

  131. Hi Baking Makes Things Better Ladies,

    I went to the baking class with my Mum we both really enjoyed it
    I would like a the Red one, please

    I fell in love with these and has made this recipes many times: The Cranberry and White Chocolate cookies

    Keeha(the young one)

  132. Love the black one... To match the kitchen! I love raspberry fudge that uses the fresh as freeze dried powder - delish!

  133. Wow! How lovely to have a "Hobbit birthday" - where you give away presents.
    My favourite recipe is the pesto and feta muffins.
    And I would love to have an Apple Green Kitchen Aid (talk about number one on the "What if...." list.)

    Ann R

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. Empire Red would be amazing.
    The Mars bar cupcakes are definetely a winner

  136. Cobalt Blue would be my pick!!!!
    Hmm choosing a fav recipe is tough... there are so many that I have tried from BMTB that are huge hits. Would have to pick the Soft brown sugar cookies with browned butter icing! So delicious!

  137. Red, red, red because it goes faster!
    Happy Birthday! I
    We love the cinnamon pull-apart loaf in our house :-)

  138. Love your website, fab recipes, keep up the good work ladies! :)
    Baileys and Mars Bar Cheesecake would have to be a fave!
    Would love a red kitchen aid - fingers crossed!


  139. The racy red KitchenAid would be a dream come true to bake with.

    I love your chocolate and salted caramel tart, mmmm, suicide by baking, but oh yes, way to go girls!

  140. Pink would be my choice - my fav and my little girls fav colour.
    I love the cinnamon scrolls - I love our updates on facebook and your blog - keep up the awesome work.

  141. A red one would be especially nice. Your mini feta and spinach pinwheels are a simple yet fancy savoury to share. What a great recipe site you have!

  142. White please :)
    My favourite recipe is the Pillow Cookies.
    Our email address is
    Happy Birthday from Penny x

  143. Black would be great. One of my favourite is the Nutella Cookies.

  144. I absolutely love your Salted Chocolate and Caramel Fudge, and also Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Santa Hats are adorable! I have always wanted one of these in red <3

  145. that's awesome BMTB!! I would have to choose red :)
    Too many yummy things but a fave is definately the sour cream lemon cake. yum!! Kelly Burt.

  146. What an awesome competition! If I win this I won't need my KitchenAid savings fund anymore, how exciting!
    I would love an Almond coloured KitchenAid.
    I really loved your mini raspberry swirl cheesecakes you made for our high tea, can't wait to try making them some time!
    Thank you so much! xx

  147. Happy Birthday!!
    There's so many amazing recipes its hard to pick just one! Your Raspberry Macaron recipe would be my pick though. One, I love all things raspberry and if there is white chocolate in there to then even better and two, macarons are so tricky I've tried lots of recipes and failed but this one turned out pretty good!

    Red would be my pick!


  148. I would LOVE to win a black one please. And after jamming my hand in my current noisy/hopeless mixer last week (don't ask, but I have the wounds to prove it!) a KitchenAid mixer would be a dream come true.

    So many amazing recipes but the Red Velvet cake is totally foolproof

  149. Happy birthday! Hope you made yourself an awesome cake :P

    I would love a Yellow Pepper Kitchenaid because I'm allergic to capsicums so this will be the only pepper allowed in my kitchen.
    My first choice recipe is probably the Mars Bar Cupcake because it comes out perfectly everytime.

    My email is
    But I already follow your blog, twitter and facebook :P

    Sam x

  150. How could you look past Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcakes!
    Pure deliciousness!
    For me it's Empire Red all the way!
    Sarah :)

  151. Happy Birthday! What a fab giveaway, I love love love the blue :-)

    My favourite recipe today is the Chocolate ganache and salted caramel tarts. Thanks for the opportunity to win a cool mixer. My email is


  152. Happy birthday!
    My favourite color is blue and that would match my kitchen beautifully. I've enjoyed many of the recipes, but the strawberry shortcake muffins were very tasty!


  153. Almond Cream please

    I love your Beer Bread and the Spinach and Feta Plait

  154. The sensible me says Black goes best in the kitchen, but the green one is gorgeous

    I love the Lunch Box bakes - the kids love the bacon and corn muffins

  155. Oh I would so love the green one, Its fun fun fun.
    I made your mars bar cup cakes for a cake stand we had for bellyful, They was the top seller and my friends couldn't keep there hands off them at now I keep getting asked for them and Im keeping the repice as gold.

    big hugs for your ideas.


    1. Sorry Toni Paget,

  156. Oh the blue one is totally for me!

    I love the chocolate marshmallow christmas puds which I made this Christmas - delish!


  157. Happy Birthday Baking Makes Things Better!!!
    PLEASE let me be the SUPER proud winner of the Cobalt Blue Kitchen Aid!!
    One of my favourites of your fantastic recipes, would have to be the Single Serve Cookie!
    It's the PERFECT little indulgence for craving time!!!

    Many thanks

  158. OH MY GOSH! What an amazing prize! Please pick me Mr Random number picker and I will promise to bake up a storm. I love the lemon sour cream cake. It's difficult to pick just one colour, but I'd have to go with almond cream (sounds delicious too)!


    fingers crossed!

  159. Happy birthday! I love all your recipes on here, I especially love the red velvet cupcakes and the choctastic cookies.
    If I won I would love to give this to my Mum as a surprise, my colour of choice would be red :)

  160. What an amazing prize , i would love to win the Blue one , that is my favorite color.
    you have a wonderful site , who cater to all people , even the one who have baking phobia ( like me :)) for a long time , and i still find something to bake from your site who wasn't too "scary" , like the "Empanadas" or the "Easy Peasy Chocolate Cake" who trun delicious btw.
    i wish i would win so i can make more delicious treat :)

  161. Mmm I would love a red one please. It is so hard to say what my favourite recipe is, I have had so many successes and no failures from your site. At the moment I would have to say that the Ginger Cupcakes with Lemon Icing would be my fav!
    Thanks so much for all your efforts,
    Nicole -

  162. Loved your doughnut muffins, they were a hit with the family. Making them this weekend ready to put in the grandkids lunch boxes for school. The red one would look stunning in my kitchen.

  163. I like the green apple color. My favorite recipe of yours is the peanut butter marshmallow tart.

  164. I love the green apple colour, it makes my fingers itch. I love the salted caramel sauce, I use it in muffins, tarts, cupcakes, fudge etc

    Sharon L

  165. RED :)

    Chocolate Hazelnut Slice

    Dominika Chromcakova-

  166. ooooh, a red one please.
    as for favourite recipe - loads, but the one i've tried the most is tan slice. lots of recipes to go check out in reading these comments!!.

  167. Green Apple Please

    Happy Birthday

    And my fav recipe is the V cup cakes AMAZING such a great idea

    Thanks Hayley

  168. Marshmallow brownie slice! Hmm hmm.
    I would go for the yellow pepper mixer...bright and cheery!

  169. This comment has been removed by the author.

  170. Chocolate Muesli Bars-great for school lunchboxes. I would love a red KitchenAid mixer-very retro!:)

  171. Happy Birthday

    A teacher at my daughter's school put me on to your site which I now check every day. Thanks for all the delicious ideas.

    Baileys and Mars Bar Cheesecake is my favourite recipe and I would have to go with Almond Cream since there is no orange available!

    Many thanks, from janis@ilovebiscuits

  172. WOW this is the prize of my dreams!

    I love the red model

    I'm just brand new to your blog but I think I will be requesting the Baileys and Mars Bar cheesecake recipe for my birthday on the 14th!

    Thanks for the chance to win

  173. Happy Birthday to your fabulous site.
    My fav recipe is the Raspberry Macarons - they are delicious and everyone loves them.
    I would love to win the red kitchenaid mixer for my niece Kellie who makes gorgeous cakes in an old and smaller electric mixer - don't know how she does it.

  174. Hi I believe these are marvellous mixers and my favourite recipe is carrot cake. Really love her mother's cook book.
    White would be an awesome colour.

    Thanks .... so excited


  175. Greetings fellow foodies from a bloke who bakes.

    Hard to pick a favourite but the caramel cookies were a hit. My wifes favourite colour is blue so I'll go that way.



  176. My favourite recipe is the red velvet cupcakes :)
    I would love to win the white kitchenaid mixer for my sister.

  177. the green one :)

    Perky nana cupcakes. Hubbie says best he's ever tasted :)


  178. Lemon sour cream cake. I would love the white mixer!

  179. If I had to pick just one recipe, I'd have to say the Salted Dark Chocolate and Caramel Fudge. It's to die for, and the whole family loved it!

    I'd like the red one please!
    Eden :)

  180. Nuttella cookies! Firm fav and I have to resist buying nutella too, they just 'disappear' too.

    Green or yellow. Loving bright colours at the moment.


  181. I have you on my favourties bar on the school computer, so every time I'm on a school computer, I always check out the lastest recipes! My favourite would have to be your Cookie dough truffles!Sooo good!
    Annie (:

  182. Hi girls. It is hard to choose a favourite from all your great recipes. The one I use most often would be Milo biscuits(almost weekly) but my very favourite would have to be your carrot cake recipe - absolutely love it - very easy and always turns out great!
    Thanks for the chance to win such a fantastic prize, I love the yellow mixer.

  183. White! my favourite recipe has to be Red Velvet cake! made it three times now and always goes down a treat. Happy Birthday BMTB!

  184. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BMTB and congratulations Melissa & Courtenay on everything you have accomplished with your blog. What an exciting give away! My favourite recipe would have to be the Mint chocolate truffles or the salted chocolate caramels. Empire Red :) Keep up the wonderful baking you two. Jarrah xx

  185. Almond cream!

    My favourite recipe just has to be the chocolate salted caramel cupcakes. They are so nice and so super easy!

    -Ashleigh McLeod

  186. I would love the green apple :)

    My favourite recipe is the Oreo cupcakes.

    Thanks heaps,
    Sarah Stocker

  187. I would absolutely love the Empire Red.

    My absolutely favourite recipe so far is the Salted Dark Chocolate and Caramel Fudge.

    All my friends think I am now the best fudge maker around!

    Steph Christoffersen

  188. My favorite recipe is the Cookie Dough Brownies, simply amazing.
    I would love to win the Cobalt Blue KitchenAid mixer, thanks BMTB team.


  189. My favourite is the Lemon Meringue Cupcakes. And as for the KitchenAid mixer I would LOVE the empire red. Thanks. Karen,

  190. Gluten Free Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cookies!
    And for the mixer, I would like "manly" black hahaha
    Thanks and Happy Birthday!
    Daniel Lambert

  191. Lemon Meringue Cupcakes are so incrediably yummy and go down very well at work. Would love the cobolt blue mixer. Thanks Tami Ludlow

  192. Almond cream colour! :)

    and this is so hard but im going to have to go with your white chocolate cheesecake! only because cheesecake is my fave thing to eat! :D

  193. Red please!
    there is to many good ones to choose from but my family LOVES your salted caramel. I make the caramel to go with everything these days and im pretty sure i have used it more than 10 times in the last 3 months :)