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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fast, Fresh & Tasty App Winners!

The winners of the Fast, Fresh & Tasty app giveaway have been drawn.  Congratulations to:

  • Julie Shaw*
  • Bernadette Clatworthy
  • Sarah Hunter*
  • Megan Thomas*
  • Suzanna Irwin*
  • S Rollinson*
  • Barbara Duncan*
  • Liza Herkt*
  • Chris Gates
  • Andie McDonald*
  • Melissa Gill*
  • Melaine Dale*
  • Lisette McDermott
  • Abby Taylor
  • Kate Dowson
  • Lynn Robson
  • Laura Scott
  • Mel Archer
  • Sam Weir
  • Jo Finlay
  • Julie Oliver
  • Christine Wickham
  • Caroline Goldingham
  • Kim Graham*
  • Claire Forsythe
  • Sophie Morton*
  • Vicky Forbes
  • Alisa Fitzgerald
  • Benita Rogers
  • Rebekah Hill

We will be forwarding your email addresses on to Fast, Fresh & Tasty who will send you out the codes you need to claim your copy of the app.  If you have a star by your name, we do not have your email address so can you please flick us and email at bmtbblog@gmail.com.

Thank you to everyone who entered – your comments were really interesting to read and it sound like there are some awesome weeknight meals being cooked in your households.

We would also like to thank Fast Fresh and Tasty for such an awesome prize.  If you want to say thanks too, pop over to their facebook page and give them a ‘like’.