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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Treats

I love holidays! Not just because it means I get time off work, but, because it’s an excuse to theme my baked goods. I have made two different lots of Easter goodies this year. I have been wanting to attempt “flooding” biscuits for a while now and was inspired to after seeing this.

The recipe for the shortbread biscuit is there as well as the icing. I used the shortbread recipe found in the good old Edmonds cookbook as I am familiar with it and know that it works for me. To cut the cookies I used an Easter Egg shaped cookie cutter I already had. Finally, to pipe I used a Kuhn Rikon Deco icing set I got from Living and Giving.

 icing[5] So without further ado…

 cookies Cute but a bit messy. I am determined to practice and get better, but they did taste good and I just loved the colours. In fact, pink and blue have become my signature colours for Easter 2010.

My second lot of baking was a batch of cupcakes to take to a family gathering for Easter Sunday. I used my ‘Easy Peasy Chocolate Cake’ recipe from an earlier post and put the mixture into the gorgeous cupcake papers Melissa got me for Christmas.

muffinsincase Yum!

pipping Yummier!

To ice I used a simple butter cream recipe and added pink colouring, and a Wilton 1M tip in a large disposable icing bag to get that pattern.

eggsprinkles Check out those cute Easter Egg  sprinkles !

But they still looked like they were missing something…

bunnies Adorable chocolate bunnies = Perfect!

I made the chocolate bunnies by melting some chocolate buttons and placing it in a mould I picked up at Spotlight.



  1. You are too cute Courtie!
    I'm jealous I didn't get to eat one of the cupcakes :)

  2. Oh. My. GOSH! These look absolutely amazing! Yummy!