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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Charlie and George Cafe

Charlie and George8
Charlie and George is a very cool new cafe in the Auckland suburb of Stonefields. The cafe is owned and run by the very lovely Rebecca McRobie and is named after her sons. The cafe manages to strike the balance of being trendy while still being a child friendly place to eat. I loved the terrariums on the tables, I’m inspired and thinking of making my own for our dining table at home.

Charlie and George 3
Charlie and George 2
Charlie and George 1
Shane, Max and I popped along on their first Sunday open a week and a half ago and word of mouth about this place had quickly spread – we were lucky to get a table and that is saying something as seating options are ample. Charlie and George have both indoor and outdoor seating, there’s tables for couples/small groups, communal seating on large outdoor concrete tables with a variety of herbs potted in terracotta pots through the middle as well as some larger tables inside - great if you want to meet a group or have a big family.

Charlie and George6
Charlie and George11
Charlie and George9
Charlie and George have a great selection of wholesome and filling meals on their menu as well as a selection of cabinet foods – the cabinet baking was so popular on the day we were there that it was almost sold out. But, I was told by another patron that the baked goods she selected were to die for. They also serve Kokako coffee in the cutest moustache mugs, the bagels are supplied by Best Ugly Bagels, and the bacon and eggs come from Freedom Farms.  They also stock Nice Blocks and have an excellent selection of preserves for sale at the counter!

Charlie and George5
Charlie and George10
If you are in Auckland and want to check out this great new cake you can find them here:
Charlie and George
Stonefields Ave
Mt Wellington, 1050
You can also check them out on Facebook

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