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Sunday, April 28, 2013

City Works Depot

Food Truck Garage

Yesterday for lunch Simon and I headed into town to try out some of the offerings at Auckland’s newest hot spot, the City Works Depot. 

Best ugly Bagels (3)

Dry and Tea

Brothers Brewery

It was a grey rainy day (so the photos on this post aren’t the best – that, and I was using my phone) but that didn’t put people off coming here; when we turned up people were queuing outside the Food Truck Garage waiting for it to open its doors. 

Shed Five

Shed Five (2)

Shed Five (6)

The City Works Depot is located on the corner of Wellesley and Nelson Streets in Auckland city.  Here you will find Best Ugly Bagels by Al Brown, the Food Truck Garage by Michael Van De Elzen, and a motorbike shop and cafe called Shed Five.  The vicinity is also home to Dry & Tea, a gorgeous salon that also serves a large range of delicious teas, and Brothers Brewery, who have set up their brewery, retail store and tasting lounge here.  The place looks set for further development and I am excited to see what else will join the already awesome places on offer. 

Best Ugly Bagels

Best Ugly Bagels (7)

Best Ugly Bagels (5)

Best Ugly Bagels (4)

Simon and I grabbed a tasty bagel and coffee to share from Best Ugly Bagels.  Their bagels are delicious; we had their ‘Yodi’ bagel which was a sesame bagel toasted and topped with pastrami, swiss cheese and pickle.  Best Ugly pairs their bagels up with other artisan products to create something really special.  It was great to see the bagels being made fresh, right in front of you.  Also, once you’ve tried one and become addicted you can also buy packs of bagels to takeaway. 

Food Truck Garage (7)

Food Truck Garage (8)

Food Truck Garage (3)

Food Truck Garage (5)

After our bagel we headed over to the Food Truck Garage where we tried out a pork and apple dog and a chicken and leek dog.  Both were really tasty but I think we need to head back and try out a burger; they looked amazing coming out of the kitchen!  Despite the large numbers of people they had to cater for, the food was quick and the service was friendly.  I loved the enamel plates the food was served on and the big pictures of their food hanging on the walls – it made me want to select my fave pictures off the blog and do something similar at home, but we don’t really have the kitchen for it.  Anyways, if you are looking for a quick bite to eat I recommend you head along to the City Works Depot and check it out!

Food Truck Garage (2)

Food Truck Garage (4)

Food Truck Garage (6)

City Works Depot
Corner of Wellesley and Nelson Street
Auckland City


  1. I loved the food truck show, how cool that you have the restaurant! I'm visiting Aukland in a couple of weeks I shall have to stop in for a bite there, Yum!
    xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage

  2. That looks so nice, I'm craving a great bagel now! Damn you! xxx