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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Baking Ideas

Easter is fast approaching so why not make some themed baking?  Here’s some ideas that we’ve tried out in the past:


Easter egg cupcakes – these cupcakes are decorated with mini Easter eggs and have a caramel one hidden inside them – Yum!


You could always whip up a batch of your favourite cupcakes and get creative with how you decorate them.  The ones in the picture above have Easter egg sprinkles and chocolate bunnies.  You could really get creative and make little fondant characters like bunnies or birds, or make pretty coloured eggs.


Another idea is to make a batch of cookies in Easter shapes and ice them.  The cookies pictured above have been iced using royal icing.  If using royal icing seems a little scary, a simple recipe you could use is the one that we made Christmas Cookies from - simply change the shape and colours to suit your Easter theme.  This would make a great holiday activity for kids, who will have heaps of fun decorating their biscuits.

Happy Easter!

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