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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Feature – Lunchbox Bakes!

I’m starting up a new feature on our blog (conveniently just in time for the start of the school year too!) called ‘Lunchbox Bakes’.
Basically each fortnight (or weekly if I can manage it) I am going to post up a recipe of something I have made to take to work as part of my lunch for the week.
Why?  Well, I want to eat healthier but I do want to keep up my baking.  I’m aiming to make some stuff with less sugar and chocolate than most of the recipes I have posted up on here, but hopefully they will be yummy enough that buying something from the cafe will not be a temptation.  I also like the idea that since I’ve cooked it, I’ll know what is in it unlike some of the offerings at the supermarket.
You can join in too!  If you have a blog and have made something appropriate for lunch, share your blog post with us.  Grab the Lunchbox Bakes badge (see the buttons page) or logo and put this and/or a link back to our homepage on your post if you want to participate.  Then send us an email (bmtbblog@gmail.com) that includes the names of: you, your recipe, your blog and a link to your blog post.  I’ve made a page for this new feature, which you can access through our menu bar if you need to check back on the details.
I’ve already baked my first lunchbox treat, so I’ll share that with you tomorrow.  Each time I put up a new Lunchbox Bakes post after that, I will include a list of of people who have emailed in and linked up for the feature :)
In other news, Courtenay and her little family have moved down to New Plymouth and seem to be settling in well from the few pics she has managed to post up on facebook.  She is still waiting for her internet to be connected up, but once it is she will be back and posting.  It’s Max’s first birthday party this weekend (exciting!) so no doubt there will be some mouth watering recipes from the event making their way onto the blog in the coming weeks!
So, that’s the latest.  Get involved in Lunchbox Bakes and send us an email with your details to get your link posted on our site!