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Monday, August 15, 2011

It’s someone else's half birthday…

Ours!  Just like Max the other day, Baking Makes Things Better is celebrating a half birthday.  We are one and a half!  Yep, back in February 2010 I set up this blog, told Courtenay, made her my co-author and Baking Makes Things Better was born.  I had the idea of writing a reflection kind of post a while back but I had missed our actual birthday in Feb – I was starting back at work for the year and Courtenay was just a little bit busy with having a baby.  A lot has happened in a year and a half!

baking22Awww, our old banner!

Anyways, I am pretty proud of what we have achieved with our blog during this time and what it has become.  We’ve picked up a few new skills on the computer, experimented with our photography and tried loads of new recipes.

half birthday-2

During our year and a half we tried baking things we have always wanted to attempt.  Courtenay gave Red Velvet Cake and Macaroons a try and I experimented with making Lemon and Chocolate Tarts and Whoopie Pies.


Courtenay made many, many cupcakes in lot of different flavours – all decorated with beautiful icing.

half birthday1

And I developed a love for baking that involves lemon :)

High tea

We’ve also hosted a couple of High tea’s.

Maxs cakes

And Courtenay has started making a cake a month to hone her icing skills for Max’s first birthday cake!

mint truffles

I still love the first recipes that I posted about; I think Mint Chocolate Truffles are something I will always go back to making time and time again (and Courtenay still loves Red Velvet Cake).  Although, the Chocolate Hazelnut Slice has become a bit of a rival…


One thing I think we have both enjoyed during this time is seeing the blog grow.  We’ve had visitors from all over the world, we have gained new followers on blogger and facebook, and it is awesome reading all of your comments.

Your favourite posts have been anything to do with cupcakes, brownies, Oreos, Mars Bars and cheesecake!  Or recipes that are a combo of these things!
Over our first year and a half some of our most viewed posts by you, our readers, have been…

Marshmallow brownies[4]Marshmallow Brownie Cupcakes

Waiting to be baked[4]Mars Bar Cupcakes

Baileys Cheesecake[4]Baileys and Mars Bar Cheesecake

OreoOreo Cupcakes

Macroons[4]Raspberry Macaroons

Oreocheesecake4Oreo Cheesecake

Caramel Brownie[4]Caramel Brownie

Thank you for following our blog and we look forward to bringing you many more recipes!

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