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About us

A little bit about us...
Many moons ago we (that's Courtenay on the left and Melissa on the right in the pic above) met and became friends at Auckland University (like, back in 2003?) where we both studied a Bachelor of Arts and a Postgraduate teaching diploma. We've been friends ever since, sharing many adventures through thick and thin.

Baking Makes Things Better started out as a fun way for us to share our recipes.  Our colleagues (we used to work together too) looked forward to us bringing in baking and always wanted the recipes.  So, Mel set up this site.  Since then it has grown way bigger than we would've ever imagined and we really love the community of followers it has. 

We both still work full time and the blog is a creative outlet for us when we have the time (and boy as the years go on do we seem to find our lives getting more and more hectic).

We would love for you to check out our Baking Makes Things Better facebook page - please share any pic's you have of baking you've made using our recipes, we love seeing them!  You can also find us over on instagram (Melissa and Courtenay) and on Twitter.