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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lolly Cake

Lolly Cake by Baking Makes Things Better (1)

So, this has to be one of the easiest things on this blog to make.  Lolly Cake (personally I call it ‘Lolly Slice’) is a New Zealand treat, found in most bakeries.  My Irish flatmate has just informed me that back home they call something similar ‘fifteens’.  I had never made Lolly Cake before and couldn’t believe how simple it was.  This would be a great recipe to get the kids making and at this time of the year is would make great Christmas gifts for teachers, something to give the neighbours, unexpected visitors…

Lolly Cake by Baking Makes Things Better (3)

120g butter, melted
250g (1 pack) malt biscuits (cookies)
½ can (200g) condensed milk
190g (1 pack) eskimo lollies (you can also use fruit puffs – lollies are what we call sweets in New Zealand)
¼ cup desiccated coconut

Cut the lollies into bite sized chunks.
Grind the biscuits up in the food processor to a fine crumb.  Add the lollies and biscuit crumbs into a large bowl.
Whisk together the melted butter and condensed milk.  Pour butter mixture over the biscuit mixture and stir to combine.
Mould the mixture into a log shape, coat the outside with the coconut, then wrap in cling film.
Place in the refrigerator for a couple of hours or until set.  Cut into 1cm slices before serving.

You could, if you don’t want the fuss of making a log, press the mixture into a slice tin and sprinkle the top with coconut.  Once it has been the fridge to set you can then cut it into slices.

Lolly Cake by Baking Makes Things Better (2)


  1. that looks really yummy and pretty too!

  2. Yum, thanks for that, the kids and I are baking tomorrow so will add this to the list.