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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A quick note from Mel…

tumblr_m4oo758hnw1qzd9tbo1_500 (1)Image found here.

Simon and I off are off on adventure around Europe at the end of this week and will be gone for five weeks!  We are both really excited, neither of us have been to Europe before and we’ve been planning and saving for this trip for quite some time.  I would be totally lying if I said I am not looking forward to trying out lots of different food and visiting famous bakeries!  I’m pretty sure I will be totally over-sharing on instagram, so if you want, you can follow our trip along on there.

While we are away, Courtenay will be running the ship here by herself.  We have heaps of great things lined up for you.  We’ve been working on guest posts and a couple of new feature posts which I’m looking forward too – I’ve got them all lined up and ready to go, and I think you will love them!

We also are going to be welcoming two new sponsors to our blog; Kenrick Rhys Photography and Mrs Beatens Baking Pre-Mixes.  Both do awesome work.  Kenrick has been a friend of Simon and I for a few years now and he takes the most beautiful photographs.  We would love to have him as our wedding photographer one day but are torn between that and having him as part of the wedding party and our guest as he really is a great friend (that proposal is happening while we are away, aye Simon?!).  Mrs Beatens Baking Pre-Mixes is a great online store selling pre-mixed ingredients for lots of tasty treats, great when you are in a rush or feeling lazy, but still want to bake!  Look out for their sponsor images which will be popping up on the right shortly, and make sure you click through and check them out.

Lastly, some things will still be staying the same; Courtenay and I will still be sharing some great recipes with you (I’ve tried to squeeze in a bit more baking than usual so I can still share some recipes with you) and our Billington’s monthly prize pack competition will still be running.  Please get your entries for June in before  12pm (mid day) on Sunday 30th June.  We will be announcing June’s winner later that afternoon.  Any entries received after that will be kept for the July draw.  Keep sending in those pics of your baking – we love seeing what you’ve created.  Happy baking!

Ciao xx.


  1. Have a great Trip Melissa

  2. Loving all the photos on Instagram! Hope you are having the best time Melissa and Simon.
    - I did tell you