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Monday, January 7, 2013

High Tea Picnic Party

High Tea Picnic1

Happy New Year everyone! At the end of 2012 we got together and created this gorgeous high tea picnic. We’ve put together a couple of high teas before and they have been lovely, this one definitely takes the cake though! We had beautiful sunny weather, an amazing set up, so much amazing food and we got to meet and share it all with the lovely Lydia of Lydia Bakes. Lydia made some gorgeous cupcakes (that she will be sharing with you in a guest post very soon) and lots and lots of sandwiches. Melissa hosted us all at her house and made some too cute little mince pies, some feta and spinach pinwheels and delicious individual raspberry swirl cheesecakes, she had also whipped up some of these orange drop cookies. I made a raspberry and lemon cake with cream cheese frosting (which even if I do say so myself is delicious) and some apple and pork sausage rolls

High Tea Picnic 2

High Tea Picnic 3

High Tea Picnic3 (2)
High Tea Picnic4

We need to say a couple of thank you’s to the people who provided us with things that helped the whole event come together the way it did; The Vintage Table for supplying us with all the gorgeous vintage serve wear, the table cloth, tea tins and that sweet picnic basket, The Pretty Baker for providing us with the gorgeous pink and white honey comb balls and the bakers twine, and Karyn of Milly Made It who lent us the beautiful quilt.

High Tea Picnic5

High Tea Picnic6

High Tea Picnic7

High Tea Picnic8

We’ll be sharing all our new recipes with you over the next month. Just putting this post together made me hungry and has made me craving home made sausage rolls. We hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year, we are looking forward to sharing lots of new and delicious recipes with you this year.

High Tea Picnic9

High Tea Picnic13

High Tea Picnic11

High Tea Picnic12


  1. Looks lovely! It's hard to imagine being able to put on an outside tea this time of the year (we have over a foot of snow on the ground)but it looked warm and inviting...especially those little cheesecakes!

  2. Wow, what a great looking day. Do you think if I become a food-blogger for the next 11 months I can come to the next one? hehe, just kidding. Lovely photos - really captures the gorgeous day and sweet treats. Especially love the jars, of course.

  3. The whole afternoon looks very pretty.