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Monday, August 6, 2012

Auckland Food Show 2012

Annabelle WhiteAnnabelle White cooking demonstration in the Electrolux Theatre

I had a great day yesterday at the Auckland Food Show.  I went with Simon’s Mum (Michelle, who blogs over at The Jamjar) and Brother (David) and we had heaps of fun watching cooking demonstrations, attending a High Tea ‘master class’, and perusing all the stalls.

2-fs_whoopie-pies_01David buying a Whoopie Pie (photo courtesy of Michelle)

Nici Nici Wickes cooking demonstration in the Electrolux Theatre

Annabelle and MeMe with Annabelle White

We started off our day in the Electrolux Theatre where we watched a cooking demonstrations by Annabelle White and Nici Wickes.  We were shown how to cook the perfect roast chicken and use it in three different meals.  Nici demonstrated how to make a beautiful Tagine and a delicious banana, custard and meringue dessert – I know it was delicious because David had a go at making it :)

Masterclass Finger FoodOur High Tea treats at our Masterclass

Masterclass liquidOur High Tea Masterclass beverages

Annabelle White1Annabelle White at the High Tea Masterclass

After the cooking demonstrations in the theatre we headed off to a High Tea Masterclass.  This was run by Annabelle White.  While we were shown how to make some dainty high tea nibbles we were treated to wine, tea and a selection of high tea treats (including mini cupcakes courtesy of Little and Friday). 

1-fs_whoopie-pies_02Whoopie Pies (photo courtesy of Michelle)

3-foodshow_eggmanThe egg stand (photo courtesy of Michelle)

4-foodshow_atomicAtomic Coffee (photo courtesy of Michelle)

Once the class had ended and we had collected our goodie bags, we set off to check out the stalls at the food show.  Michelle bought some honey, David bought some beer and I bought some beautiful products from St Andrews Limes.

Butter man1

Butter manThe Lewis Road Creamery Stand

Overall we had heaps of fun.  The Food Show runs in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch so if you are able to, I would recommend heading along to the one nearest you.  One of the best things about the Auckland show is the cooking demonstrations in the Theatre.  They are free to attend and showcase the talents of some awesome chefs.  The Masterclasses are worth going to as well – definitely worth the money.  If you want more information about The Food Show, you can head on over to their website or you can check out my posts on the the 2011 and 2010 events.

Nici and MeMe with Nici Wickes

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  1. I have had a taste similar to that of the whoopie pie when I was staying at one of the hotels lancaster gate units. It tasted of English muffins and it was simply marvelous.