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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lush Café & Gelato


The weather of late has been a bit rubbish – I fear that summer is well and truly over, apparently Taranaki took the brunt of the weather bomb which hit New Zealand over the weekend but apart from some very strong winds and some rain New Plymouth didn’t seem too badly hit.  Shane and I headed out to Lush for lunch with Max just to get out of the house for a bit.  We discovered Lush a couple of years ago on one of our many visits to New Plymouth before relocating here.  It only struck me while I was there that it was probably worthy of a blog post so I apologise for the quality of the photos as I only had my phone on me.


Lush serve delicious al a carte meals, have a cabinet that contains vegetarian and gluten free options and there are cakes and slices available at the counter as well as delicious gelato.  You can find their menu here.  The servings are generous and both Shane and I find that when we go for brunch/lunch that we don’t need to eat for the rest of the day and usually end up having a light dinner later than usual.


My ‘Lush Big Breakfast’


Shane’s ‘Creamy Mushroom and Chorizo on Turkish Bread’

Because of the horrible weather it seemed like every man, woman and their push chairs were out for a shop/lunch at the mall today, even though the cafe was very busy (we were lucky to get a table) the service was still warm and friendly and the food was delicious (as always) without too much of a wait.


Lush has a kind of glamorous vintage feel to it, with it’s dark wood furniture, Parisian inspired posters and chandeliers.  If you are here or are visiting you can find the café on the bottom floor of the mall and it is well worth the visit.

I will have to be a little more adventurous and try out some more cafes in my new city and if I come across any gems I will be sure to share.  But, I am sure Lush will always be a favourite.

Lush Café & Gelato
Centre City - Shop 64, Gill St, New Plymouth, Taranaki
P: (06) 759 2050
E: jo@lushcafe.co.nz

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