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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

LICK Ice cream + Sweetshop


Lick Ice cream + Sweetshop is a new addition to the Blockhouse Bay shops, opening just over two months ago.  If you feel like something sweet this place is sure to satisfy your cravings.  Also, if it’s a nice day you can always take your treats away and enjoy them down at the local beach around the corner :)


Lick Ice cream + Sweetshop offers a large selection of ice cream and gelato flavours to choose from.  If you really feel like indulging yourself get them to whip you up one of their sundaes.  They also make milkshakes and have a great looking range of specialty shakes including flavours such as Rocky Road, Pineapple lump and Choc chip banana crumble.  I’ve tried their specialty Oreo Shake and it was delicious! 


There is more to Lick than just the ice cream and milkshakes though.  There’s also some fancy desserts you can try, like gooey chocolate fudge brownies and Eaton mess - yum!  I think Simon and I need to pop in and give these a taste test one night soon. 


One thing you should try out is one of their hot chocolates.  They come in a range of flavours and are made using real melted chocolate.  I’ve tried their Gingerbread hot chocolate and really enjoyed it – just the right amount of flavour and I liked the taste that using real chocolate gave it.  However, if none of the choices mentioned above appeal you can always try their American candy selection :)


For more information and to ‘like’ Lick Ice cream and Sweetshop, head on over to their Facebook page.  Make sure you take the time to ‘like’ our Baking Makes Things Better page too!


Thanks to the awesome people at Lick, we have 5 lots 2 x Single scoop ice cream vouchers to giveaway.  The competition will start on Friday, so check back on the blog to enter!

Lick Ice cream + Sweetshop
509 Blockhouse Bay Road, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland
Ph: 09 626 4246
find them on Facebook.

1 comment:

  1. Pineapple Lump icecream ! I have a lifelong love of PL's and love the idea of this.Sadly,I'm in Wellington :(

    Love your blog