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Friday, January 6, 2012

Inspiration: Neenish Tarts


One thing I want to attempt to make before my school holidays are up and I have to go back to work are some Neenish Tarts.

I love them but I haven’t eaten one in a super long time.  My Mum is a creature of habit and does her grocery shopping on Wednesday night each week.  When I lived at home it used to mean that we would have something easy that night for dinner, usually burgers (while she was out we would actually have a bet on what we thought the meal would be).  She also used to bring home a slice or something sweet for us to have after dinner and I think that is how I was introduced to Neenish Tarts.

They look quite fiddly and time consuming which is a bit off putting.  However, now that I’ve declared that I want to make them hopefully I will feel obliged to follow though and actually do it :)


  1. My Nana makes the best Neenish tarts, but I've never tried to make them myself.

    I did tell you

  2. I cheat and use bought sweet short pastry!

  3. I have made them and they are quite easy to make, i thought, like you that they would be fiddly or difficult but its not.