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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sand Art Brownies – Recipe Card Download and How To Guide

Sand Art Brownie
I’ve made up a another jar of Sand Art Brownies to give as a Secret Santa gift and thought I would share a printable version of the instructions to accompany the ingredients jar for you to download and use.  I’ve included a few different fonts for you to choose from.  You could simply cut out the set of instructions that you like the look of and put them inside a greeting card, or I have included a little bit of a guide on how I made my simple recipe card below if you want to do something similar.

Message Card

Sand Art Brownie Instructions

How I made my Recipe Instruction card:
-I printed off the instructions, cut them out, then glued them onto a piece of card; allowing enough room around the instructions for the width of the ribbon I wanted to use.

instruction card1
-Next I glued on the two pieces of ribbon (just cheap stuff from Spotlight) down the sides of the instructions.  Then I got my contrasting ribbon which I measured and cut to fit between the two side pieces of ribbon.

instruction card2
-I glued on the top and bottom pieces of ribbon.  Once the glue (I used PVA) was dry I used the ribbon as a guide and cut off the excess card.

Easy Peasy!

Recently Updated1

I’m sure there are many other ideas that you can come up with for making the Instruction Cards.  I haven’t tried it before, but I reckon printing the recipe then stitching a border around the outside with a sewing machine would look super cute and sophisticated.  Or, if you are putting together jars of Sand Art Brownies with children, you could decorate the instructions using potato stamps!

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