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Monday, November 14, 2011


Sorry, I didn’t do any baking over the weekend.  However, I have spent a bit of time adding new pages to our blog.  Let me run you through the new additions :)

There is now a banner at the top of the page which has links to the other pages available through our blog.  I have updated the ‘About Us’ page and added some new places to the ‘Worth a Visit’ page.

There is now a ‘Recipe Index’ page, like what you would find at the back of a recipe book which lists all the recipes that we have on our blog.  Just click on the recipe you are after and you will be taken to it!

I have also added a ‘Weights and Measurements’ page.  If you like to work using measurements, weights or temperatures from a different system to what we have mentioned in our posts you can convert them using the guides on this page.

Last thing, I have moved our blog buttons onto their own page.  Please free to take one and spread the love by displaying it on your blog.

I hope you find the new changes useful.  If you would like to see anything else or want to give some feedback please write us a comment.

-Mel xx.

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