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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Next Door for Lunch

next door cafe counter

Simon and I went to Next Door café for lunch today.  He had driven past it a few times and thought the decor would appeal to me even though the only thing he could tell me about it was that it had pastel mint green walls!  The decor is pretty cool though – maiden hair ferns, tea pots with cosies, record covers displayed as art and mis-matched light shades were just some of the cute touches about the place.  I especially loved the vintage teaspoon collection displayed on one of the walls where it was surrounded by doilies.

record place number

decor snapshot


However, I should probably talk about the food.  Our meals were delicious.  Next Door has breakfast / brunch offerings but we chose from their lunch menu.  I had the Pork Belly and Simon had the Duck Leg (I wouldn’t let him get Pork Belly because I wanted to try something else :P )  The Pork Belly just melted in your mouth.  It came with watermelon, peanuts and sprouts which I thought seemed an odd combination but they actually complimented each other really well.  The Duck leg came with a red Thai curry sauce and rice.  My hot chocolate and Simon’s coffee were good too.

pork belly

duck leg

Next Door is quite a big café – there’s an outdoor area (which wasn’t in use as the weather in Auckland today couldn’t decide if it wanted to be sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy or a mixture of things) and a more formal room with a large table for bigger groups (which looked like you may be able to hire out).


dining room

Simon got himself a citrus tart as a parting treat.  The cakes and slices at the counter and in their cabinet looked beautiful but I was too full to try any.  Perhaps we’ll make another visit soon so I can :)

cake display

simons tart

Next Door Café
589 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland City
Ph: 09 638 9676

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