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Friday, November 4, 2011

Buon Gusto! Italia Cooking Demonstration with Jo Seagar

Jo Seagar

I got to met Jo Seagar!

So, this evening I went to a Jo Seagar cooking demonstration at the Nosh store on Dominon Road held as part of their ‘Good Food Recipe Series’.  O.M.G. It was pretty damn AWESOME!  I had a front row seat, we got to taste all the lovely food that was made, I got her BEAUTIFUL new cook book and… she said I was gorgeous and she wanted to keep me as her daughter!  LOVE!  Yes, I am gushing about the experience, but I am so super glad I went.  The very nice ladies that sat either side of me were totally rapt they attended too; one was being treated for her birthday and the other had driven up all the way from Hamilton!  She said it was well worth the trip :)

Jo making Gnocchi

I  remember watching Jo Seagar on our television years ago; I think hers was was one of the first cooking series I ever really watched because truth be told I don’t find cooking shows that interesting.  I still don’t watch many cooking shows – Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver sometimes, Masterchef Australia more often but that is about it.  Jo Seagar was just as lovely in real life tonight as she was when I was younger and she was whipping up cakes on the television screen in our living room. 

She shared stories about her trips to Italy and told us how her cookbook ‘Italia’ came about.  Each year she ventures over there taking about 15 people with her as a fundraiser for Hospice.  They stay in Umbria for about three weeks and immerse themselves into the language and culture and learn how to cook.  It sounds like a pretty unforgettable trip to make but sadly slightly (well, quite a bit) out of my price range.  But, perhaps with specially chosen music, beautiful wine and some recipes from her book I could fool myself into thinking I was there, yes?

Cooking 1

Now, sorry if the photographs in this post aren’t the best – the ones below were taken on my lap with my ‘needs-to-be-retired’ camera and the lighting wasn’t the best.  Since everyone was slightly older than me, looking very sophisticated and didn’t have cameras out I felt a little shy about getting snap happy and didn’t take many photos of Jo Seagar herself.  However, this is what Jo made for us from her book:

Cracker, olive and pepper
Parmesan Crackers with Fennel and Cumin Seeds (middle of pic), Fried Crumbed Olives (left), Piccolo Peppers Stuffed with Bocconcini and wrapped in Bacon (right)

These were all little nibble type things and I can’t wait to make them myself.  All of them were super tasty but I think I liked the peppers the best.
She also made a Fennel, Celery and Blood Orange Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing which was really delicious delicious but I didn’t get a photo of it.

Gnocchi with Creamy Gorgonzola Sauce

Lime and Pepper Icecream
Lime and Black Pepper Ice Cream

This ice cream was AMAZING!  Pepper in Ice cream?  Well it worked!  That’s what all the black specks are. Surprisingly delicious!

Jo Seagar 1

One thing Jo Seagar said that I thought was pretty cool was that she believes recipes are like kisses; they shouldn’t be kept to yourself they should be shared and given away.  Isn’t that gorgeous?  Can someone please send me to her Cook School in Canterbury for a day?!

9795924 (1)

Check out Jo Seagar’s website to purchase a copy of one of her books, buy other cookware, find new recipes and info about her Cook School.

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