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Monday, October 3, 2011

Rabbit Hole Café

Rabbit Hole Cafe

Man it feels good to have time to blog again!  I’ve been so busy making our school yearbook that I have turned into an anti-social recluse at home and have only been on my computer for work.  Boring!  Simon treated me to brunch on Saturday morning to give me a bit of a break and I chose to go to the Rabbit Hole café as I have had it on my list of ‘must try’ places for quite a while.   I like being able to tick things off my lists :)

the velvet throne

Located in Herne Bay, this little café takes its decor inspiration from ‘Alice in Wonderland’.  There’s lots of mismatched chairs and the place makers are playing cards.  Simon and I popped ourselves down in these velvet throne-like chairs near the window seated around a cute chess board table.  On a sunny day (it was stink weather in Auckland on Saturday) I reckon it would be pretty blissful to sit out on their deck and if you have little kids with you they have quite a selection of toys out there to keep them entertained.

quirky chairs

I built my own breakfast and had scrambled eggs with a side of kumara rosti and haloumi.  It was delicious and my accompanying hot chocolate was rich and flavourful.  Simon had the Salmon eggs benedict which I avoided as I don’t like salmon :P 
Our food came out quickly and with a touch of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ whimsy in the form of mismatched vintage plates.

My food

There looked to be a good selection of little sweet treats up at the counter too.  I didn’t go investigate though as my meal was more than enough and the place was pretty chocka.


I really enjoyed my visit to The Rabbit Hole and would stop by again.  If you want even more of a treat for yourself you could stop for a bite here, then head up the road to Icing on the Cake and get a cupcake for dessert :)

Rabbit hole street front

Rabbit Hole Café
203 Jervois Road, Herne Bay, Auckland
Ph: 09 360 0755

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