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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Donna Hay ipad App

I received an email yesterday informing me that the Donna Hag Magazine app is now available for the ipad.  I installed it this morning and had a quick play around - it's pretty cool.  Through the app you can download their 10th Birthday edition for free and I quite like the features it has.

One thing I quite like is that you can view the recipes in 'cook mode'.  This breaks the recipe down into parts and only displays a segment on the screen.  The cool thing about this is that it also has a little list of the ingredients you need for the step being displayed.  I reckon this is pretty cool as I quite often use the ipad to display recipes on when I am cooking, but if you are quite far down the recipe you have to scroll back up to see the ingredients and quantities which can get quite annoying.

Another feature that sets it apart from the print magazine is that some recipes have videos.  In my quick look this morning before work I found that instead of reading through the Macron recipe in the magazine you could simply watch Donna Hay make them and talk you through how it is done.  I reckon this is pretty awesome as it gives you more of an insight into things such as how you want your mixture to look at each step of the recipe.  For example, in the Macron video she tells you that you need to whisk your eggs to beyond stiff peaks and then shows you what this looks like.

So, if I can pry the ipad away from Simon on our plane flight to Aussie (as he will want to watch movies) I have my in-flight reading and viewing sorted.  Unfortunately I'm probably not going to be able to explore future issues using this app as we have been borrowing (or, you could say we took it and then keep accidentally on purpose 'forgetting' to return it) the ipad from Simon's grandparents and they are expecting it back once we return from our holiday :(  

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  1. I'll have to investigate this one, thanks for the review.