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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rugby Fever Hits Baking

The Rugby World Cup kicked off in New Zealand on Friday and it seems most of the country has caught rugby fever!  Max turned 7 months old yesterday so as promised here is his (rugby themed) cake.  I really need need to fork out for some gel colourings if I am going to use fondant for things in the future as your standard liquid food colouring from the supermarket only creates pastel type colours.

It is quite difficult to get pictures of Max with the cakes at the moment (unless I hold him and his grabby little hands), so here is a picture of him taken right before we left for a trip to the Auckland viaduct (with approximately 200,000 other people) to celebrate the opening of the tournament.

Unfortunately there is no new recipe to share today – it is just an ‘Easy Peasy Chocolate Cake’ hiding under there.  But I should have something new for you in the next week.

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