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Friday, September 9, 2011

New Product Alert!


Our flatmate Nick works at the Chelsea Sugar Factory and every month they have a ‘product of the month’ that he gets to bring home.  This month he came home with their new Lemon flavoured Icing Sugar.  Ashley, his awesome wife and the genius behind the Tropical Muffins posted on here last month, made some cupcakes and gave the icing sugar a go.  Apparently you just mix it with water and you have delicious lemony icing – easy peasy!  I’ve eaten a couple of the cupcakes today and there’s still a few left, taunting me because I didn’t make them which means I can’t be a piggy and gobble them all up.  I think I need to talk Nick into getting us the Berry flavour to try…

Lemon icing cupcakes


  1. GAAAHHH icing sugar!!! :D :D :D

  2. Oh My God, I'm only a ten year old but my hearts into baking, I CAN'T WAIT!! When will it come out? :D oober doober EXCITED <3