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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Auckland’s Newest Dining District: Wynyard Quarter

IMG_1342 Part of North Wharf – Wynyard Quarter

Today Shane, Max and I took a family trip to Wynyard Quarter – an area of the waterfront in inner city Auckland, which has been redeveloped just in time for the upcoming Rugby World Cup.  The area opened to the public last weekend and there are plenty of places to dine along North Wharf and Jellicoe Street, whether you felt like picking up a gelato and exploring the area or sitting down at a cafe for a bite, or perhaps something more substantial from one of the bistro’s, gastro-pubs, ethnic restaurants, or the Auckland Fish Market where you can pick up the kiwi classic fish n chips if that is more your thing.  Whatever your tastes, I’m sure you will find it (if you would like to check what is on offer in advance of your trip you can find out here or here) .

IMG_1346 Rushworth cafe (pictured centre) is where I will be heading on my next trip to sample their selection of home baking

IMG_1394 Urban Turban had very funky decor

IMG_1396 Sanford and Auckland Fish Market offer an array of delights for seafood lovers 

Unfortunately, we were so busy looking around the area and checking everything out that by the time it came to walking back past the eateries it was bang on lunch time and everything absolutely packed so we decided it was best to pack Max (who was also due for lunch) in the car and head off.  However, we will definitely be going back and I think it is a must see/do for visitors to Auckland and Aucklander’s  alike.

Besides the food some of the other neat things Wynyard Quarter offers are tram rides that allow you to explore the sights and save your feet, a playground for the kids, a viewing bridge that offers great views of the marina, harbour and silo park (which will host markets, outdoor cinema and live entertainment over the summer months).  You can even make your way from Wynyard Quarter to the Viaduct via a new bridge that links the two.

IMG_1303 Viewing bridge – Silo Park

IMG_1317 Playground – Silo Park

IMG_1332 Functional sculpture – Silo Park

IMG_1336 Tram

IMG_1361 Walk to the Viaduct

So if you feel like a day out and don’t know what to do, I would recommend heading to Wynyard Quarter.  If you do let us know what you thought and where you ate – it may help me to be more decisive next time.

1 comment:

  1. Very cool - you were actually there at the same time as friends of Simon and I!
    I'll have to pop down sometime - we took a look a few weeks back but it was still a building site then.