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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ruffle Cake

Ruffle cake
I just think these are the most beautiful cakes and have been keen to try my hand at one for a while now but needed a reason. My sister Georgina left for Dubai to work for Emirates in March and was back on a layover for 24 hours, she is a real cake person, so I thought it would be perfect! I watched a few youtube videos to learn the technique and found this one the most helpful.

However, on the day I was pushed for time and had a very grumpy, clingy baby to contend with along with a phone that did not stop ringing (always the way isn’t it?). Then to top it off I couldn’t find my piping bag so had to do with a makeshift ‘Glad Bag’ and I ran out of icing to do the top! So my first attempt was no where near as perfect as the ones in the above collage (the ‘original’ Martha Stewart cake on the top right was my inspiration) but it still tasted good (that’s what counts I guess…) and I will definitely be giving it another go when I have more time and another special occasion.


1 comment:

  1. those ruffle cakes r just gorgeous! i have to try make one heheheh >_<