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Monday, July 18, 2011

Kohu Road Cafe and Creamery

Kohu road cafe

Simon and I stumbled across this awesome place on Saturday and we are very excited about it as I totally love the style of the place, they make yummy milkshakes with their super ice cream and it is in our ’hood - it is only a couple of minutes away from our place –win!

We had been in New Lynn (Auckland, NZ) as we had to stop in at the AA to organise a new drivers licence for me after some disgusting child at school stole my wallet on Friday afternoon (side story: AA’s motto is ‘Keeping New Zealander’s moving’ – I was waiting in the line to get to the counter for over an hour and the line wasn’t even 5 meters long!) and were heading to our local library as that was another one of the cards I needed to replace, when Simon saw this ‘Kohu Road’ sign so we decided to stop and check the place out.


I’m glad we stopped; the place is awesome and it totally brightened my day.  Walking through the door I was unaware I was going to be greeted by such an awesome cafe.  As I’ve said, I really like the style of the place; they have a vintage shop till perched on the counter – which looks like an old garage bench or made from scaffolding.  There is an old vintage car and caravan for kids to play in and they can put on DVD’s inside the caravan to keep them entertained.  I liked the beer crate and bottles that were used as vases when you walked in.  Also, by the entrance they have their inspiration board for the place on display which I thought was a cool touch.  As well as being a cafe this place is also the Kohu Road ice cream factory :)


Simon and I had milkshakes made from their ice cream and some cake.  We will be popping back in here another day to try out their lunch offerings :)


Kohu Road
44 Portage Road, New Lynn, Auckland 0600, New Zealand
Ph: 0800 Kohu Road (0800 564 876) or 09 373 5837
E: info@kohuroad.co.nz
You can find them on facebook too.


  1. Lucky, the place looks awesome! Can you try different flavours of their ice cream in scoops? I'd love that as I wouldn't have to buy a whole container of the ice cream (which is around the $20 mark as I recall!)

  2. Their open top pies are to die for! I had a chicken, mushroom and pesto one (minus the mushrooms) and man it was delish! Their coffee is divine (I love the wee cups and saucers that it comes out in) and the caravan for the kids was great! My friends and I will definitely be going back - they just need to get a change table for the bubbas.

    Im pretty sure you are able to get the ice cream in little cups (prob a scoops worth)

  3. Awesome - your comment has definitely made me want to go back!

  4. Went on a bad day arrived at midday the pies all gone * dirty tables * slow service * food nice lovely coffee* no serviettes came with the food saw the person preping food wipe the plates that the food was going to be served on with a cloth she had been wiping the bench with.Maybe give it another go???not sure

  5. @Anonymous... that sucks, total opposite to my experience. Our service was great - in fact the lady making the milkshakes kept making too much so Simon charmed his way into getting all the extras in little glasses and got to try all the flavours. At least you reckoned you got nice food and coffee.