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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My new baby

Sooo pretty!  And shiny!  Ooooo!

So, not as cuddly as Courtenay’s little Max (who is coming in for a visit at school on Friday *squeee*), but meet my Kitchen Aid.  I picked it up the other week but I haven’t tried it out yet.  Thought I should probably read the instruction manual and watch the DVD before I play around and break it.  There’s not much to figure out I’ve since realised.  However, it is back in it’s box because in just over a week we will be re-locating to a new home.  Simon and I are moving in together!  So, once I’m in the new place my baby will be set free and have a new perch where its beauty can be admired and, like all children, we will have fun and I will try put it to use – non of this slouching about biz.

Once I have moved I can also unpack my Joseph Joseph goodies from their boxes.  I have their ‘elevate’ kitchen tool set, the ‘hands on’ salad bowl, and the 8 piece nesting set.  I am quite excited about seeing it in the kitchen cupboards.



Yay :)

P.S.  Once all the craziness has died down I might actually get back to doing some baking.


  1. You are professional baker now with one of those machines!

  2. o.O Fancy! Love how they all stack together