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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Courtie and max

Baby Max has arrived!!  Courtenay gave birth to Max on the 10th of Feb.  He weighed 8lbs 9oz and was 55cm long.  Sooo cute!  Can’t wait to visit and have a cuddle :)

So, sorry that there hasn’t been any new recipes popping up on our blog, but obviously, Courtenay has been a little busy.  I’ve been busy too, not with babies, but with work – had to start back at school this month.  I have been crafting away because a lady has approached me about selling some of the stuff I have on felt. on her website, so I have been stitching together a small stock for her.

If you have been baking and want to help us out we are more than happy to have you as a guest blogger.  Just send me an email (see to the right of the blog posts) and we can sort stuff out :)

So, that is what the haps is.  If you are looking to make something last minute for Valentines day, you can easily adapt some of the recipes already on here.  Why not make some cookies?  Just use a heart shape cutter and colour the icing pink!  You could make truffles, but change the mint slice biscuits to Strawberry Oreos!  Or, if you really want to show off, have a go at making a Red Velvet Cake.  Yum yum!

Hope to get you some more pics of little Max and some new recipes on here soon!

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