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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cakey Brownie Chocolatey Goodness


So this crazy mess in the picture is delicious.  Yesterday I tried out doubling the brownie mixture from the Marshmallow Brownie cupcakes.  It is really yum, but much more of a cake consistency than brownie base it makes using the original quantities.  I then tried out this heart cutter that Karyn got me from America but when I moved the hearts to get them in the picture I broke ‘em.  Fail.  I reckon multiplying the brownie mixture by four would make the most awesome cake, so that is the next thing I am going to try with this recipe.

Also, yesterday in the mail I received a cute little package that I had ordered from Cloth Kits in the UK.  They make up and send out sewing kits; everything is already printed on the fabric and they give you the thread needed too.  So, this is another project to work on when I get some spare time (or when I am not exhausted from being back at work).  I love receiving stuff in the mail – just like presents on Christmas.  Oh, and look at the ruler ribbon – sew cute!  And, they stock some stuff designed for them by Rob Ryan.  LOVE!  (I’m quite in love with paper cutting and he is one of the leaders in this artistic field).

Clothkits Cloth kits

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