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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mini Chocolate Christmas Puddings

mini chocolate puddings

OMG these are so cute, and easy, and yummy, and they aren’t full of that disgusting Christmas fruit mince!

To make these I just used a pack of marshmallows and guessed the amount of chocolate I needed.  However, the amounts below will make around 58 little puddings:

58 large marshmallows
2 cups milk chocolate melts
1 cup white chocolate melts
Cachous to decorate

Basically, you need the same amount of marshmallows as the amount of puddings you want to make.  I stuck my packet in the fridge to make them cold so the chocolate would set on them quicker.

Melt the milk chocolate.  Place each marshmallow on a fork and dip into the melted chocolate (like I do in my truffle recipe).  Don’t worry too much about covering the bottom of the marshmallow because if you put them into little mini cupcake papers later no one is going to see.  Allow the chocolate to set and then remove from the forks.

Melt the white chocolate.  Using a teaspoon drizzle a little of the chocolate over the top of the milk chocolate covered marshmallows.  Spread the chocolate with the spoon so a little dribbles down the side, so it looks more like icing.  Before the white chocolate sets, place a few cachous on top to decorate.  Finish the presentation off by placing your mini puddings into mini cupcake papers :)

lotsa puddings  with decorations 
Oh, how’s that for Christmas cute?  Haha, I’m such a geek!


  1. Ahhh I love this idea!!! Will be doing it...now? As soon as the kids wake up?
    Oh they will love it!!!
    And it can be done in small or big amounts..any colour.
    I hate Christmas mince

  2. Very lovely. I was, however, thrown off by the name "pudding"; there is no pudding! ha