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Monday, November 15, 2010

Pavlova Magic

I haven’t done any real baking lately.  I’ve been consumed with getting crafty; been making these little owls out of felt.


However, last Wednesday night right before deciding to go to the movies, I thought it would be a brilliant moment to try making a pavlova using this ‘Edmonds Pavlova Magic’ stuff I purchased on a whim a couple of months back at shopping.

pavlova magic

Now, I’ve never made a pavlova so I was worried it would be a disaster as I believe they are quite hard to make.  Using this stuff was easy.  You mix whatever is in the magic egg with water and castor sugar and whah-la, you have a pav.

baked pav
This is how mine came out of the oven after baking for an hour and then being left to dry out for another hour.  Yes, the perfect thing to be doing just before going to the movies.  Now, since I was in a rush and making the pav was a spur of the moment thing, I didn’t have any nice fresh fruit to cut up and put on the top, so I just added to my crazy baking effort by decorating it with cream and sprinkles :)

sprinkled pav
I was quite pleased with the result, the outside was crunchy and the middle was nice and marshmallow-like.  Making this was very no-fuss and easy.

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