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Saturday, October 2, 2010

More Morsels from Melbourne

ll cupcakes
We returned!  I had to go back to Little Cupcakes today because Simon had a surprise lined up for me apparently.  So, we went, we ordered more cupcakes (yes, what torture) and then someone was touching my shoulder.  I turned around to be greeted by my friend Anjana who had popped down from Brisbane for a visit!  Awesome surprise – thank you guys!

Anjana and I
And, just because I think the Raspberry white chocolate cupcake is one of the yummiest of Little Cupcakes very amazing cupcakes, here is another photo, with it in the foreground :)

litl cups

After this special treat, Simon and I later lined up and had ourselves high tea at the Hopetoun Tea Rooms.

High tea

I think I have put on a couple of kg’s in the week I have been in Melbourne.  We have been at cafes and restaurants for pretty much every meal.  We’ve also been nibbling on truffles from the chocolate places around town too.  However, I was really excited when last night, while we were at the Mary Poppins stage show, Simon came back to our seats during the intermission and informed me that the magnum ice creams were sold out, but he had found these tubs of ice cream instead.

Ben and Jerrys
Ben and Jerry’s!  I was more than fine with there being no magnums.  I, for some unknown reason, have been on the Ben and Jerry’s website before and ever since I visited it I have wanted to try some.  Yum!

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