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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mmmmm… Melbourne

little cupcakes (2)

Simon and I are in Melbourne for two weeks!  Today was day two of our holiday and we headed into town for some shopping.  Our first stop was at Little Cupcakes, a little store in Degraves.  We shared 10 (well 9, Simon’s mum had one) mini cupcakes between us.  Mmmmmm mmm.  And we had milkshakes in cute ceramic retro looking cups.

little cupcakes


So, after being little piggies we trotted around town.  Melbourne is heaven if you love cupcakes or chocolate.  And lets face it, who doesn’t?  I didn’t try any other sweet stuff today, but below is a collage of some of the things I spied. 

Top Row: Another cupcake shop that was around the corner from Little Cupcakes – those are giant cupcakes on the top shelf.  Lindt Chocolate has a cafe and shop! (I love Lindt – probably my fave chocolate)

Second Row: The Hopetoun Tea Rooms – this place looked amazing; the window display was sooo mouth watering.  It was packed too, people were waiting to get a seat here.  I want to go back and join them.  Haigh’s Chocolates – this company had a couple of stores in town.  Might pop back to buy my family gifts (although, I don’t know if this will work because of past experiences: I’ve tried taking home fudge from the fudge cottage in Christchurch, but I end up eating it before I leave and having to return to the shop and buy more.)

Third and Bottom Row:  These are snaps from inside the David Jones food hall.  OMG.  This place is like Farro or Nosh back home, but ya know, like three times the size.  The last picture is just of choose your own sweets at one of the malls.

What else? Oh, at the food hall I got a box of Donna Hay muffin mix.  Will try making them later in the week and let you know how they go.  I was going to make a banoffee pie, but the Australian supermarkets don’t stock caramel condensed milk and I can’t be bothered boiling a normal can to make it.

Ciao for now!

sim and i

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