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Monday, August 9, 2010

Candy Melts


On Sunday while Courtenay and I were out shopping we popped into Milly’s on Ponsonby Road.  We both got ourselves some Wilton Candy Melts to try out - we had seen them on Bakerella’s website previously, but had never seen them in store anywhere before.

Candy Melts

I got myself a hearts candy mould to try out my Candy Melts with – very easy peasy to use, just fill up the moulds with chocolate (like you are making ice cubes – omg, idea alert – you know how you can get funny shaped ice cube trays, like space invaders?  Well I’m thinking the silicone trays could just as easily be used to make chocolate shapes) and empty them out when set.  You could add stuff like nuts or coloured sprinkles to the moulds too.


Okay – so my (Courtenay’s) attempt at using my Candy Melts didn’t come out anywhere near as cute as Melissa’s, I piped in the pink as suggested on the moulds packaging, but, I think it would have been better and I would have had a far nicer finish if I had spooned it in like I have in the past. I was going to give it a second attempt but have come up with what I think will be a far better use for my melts so check back soon :-)

Courtz pops

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