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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Paper Baking Cups

I’m just showing off – I have new baking cups to play with!
The ones on the left are by Robert Gordon and I picked them up at Living and Giving.  The three tubes on the right are by Paper Eskimo and I found them at Borders.


  1. Have even more now; got a set of blue and a set of green polka dot ones - like the black ones in the picture. I found them on special last weekend.

  2. Hi Melissa, I have a few packs of these cute muffin cups but they don't fit in my trays - do you bake with them in muffin trays like you would other cups, or do you just place them on a flat baking tray? I've Googled this query to no avail! Thanks -Jay.

    1. Hi,

      You can just line them up on a flat baking tray if they don't fit in your muffin pan. I've started doing that and it works fine :)