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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nana’s Fingers

On tray 
Well actually these biscuits are known as ‘Elsie’s Fingers’ and were the first thing I ever baked, with the help of my wonderful Nana of course (hence the name of the post). The recipe for these first appeared in the 1914 ‘Edmond’s Sure to Rise Cookbook’ but has since disappeared. For ease I have adapted the original recipe to metric measurements.

115g butter
85g sugar (you will need extra sugar to roll dough in)
2 small cups of flour
1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
1 egg

Beat the butter and sugar together.  Add egg and flour mixed with baking powder. Roll small pieces of the dough between your hands to create a finger-like shape. Roll in the extra sugar and put on cold tray.  Bake at 180˚C for about 8 minutes or until the ends become golden.

on plate


  1. These are prob the ultimate biscuit! Thanks Courtenay

  2. I had lost my recipe for these. Just that page was missing fom my book!! Thanks heaps - delicious!!

  3. Never thought I would actually find the recipe for an old favourite. So thrilled.
    Wendy, Alexandria, Egypt

  4. Hmm... these look quite simple and easy to make.

    Just curious those who have made/ate them, are they hard biscuit like or plain tasting or are they supposed to be slightly moist/crumbly?

    What about rolling in a mix of sugar & cinnamon?

    Tasting notes anyone?

  5. I've eaten a couple from a batch that Courtenay has made. From memory they crumbly and sugary tasting. Kind of like shortbread.

  6. love these,but my version was made round and indent put into top of biscuit and add 1/2 tspn jam of your choice----lovely.nyla

  7. these are awesome! my nana used to make them with us too :) thankyou

  8. My mother used to make these all the time, she used to put apiece of walnut on the top of each one just before putting them in the oven, delicious.

  9. My Mum made these and renamed them Elsies thumbs when they spread a bit wide!