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Monday, March 15, 2010

It’s my birthday this Friday…

Which means CAKE :)

And just to get in the mood I thought I would post up a few gorgeous cake pictures.  (I stumbled across the rainbow cake today while I was hard at work…)

RainbowCake Found here.

elmocupcakes   Found here. Eat me Elmo?

PINKCAKE Found here.

STRAWBERRY Found here.  Yay – I had a Strawberry Shortcake duvet when I was younger!

ROBOTS Found here.  Robots rock!

Topsy_Turvey_Birthday_Cake_by_pinkcakebox Found here.

Ok so, I am not expecting anything like the cakes above because they are AMAZING and hours of work.  However, I’m sure the people who received the next couple of cakes weren’t expecting what they got either :)

funny-pictures-rude-birthday-cake-ick-796298 Found here.

teen-pregnancy-birthday-cakeFound here.

Gutted.  At least they can comfort eat…

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