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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baking Bits…

Just ogling some awesome baking related stuff and thought I would share.
I definitely think cupcakes are cool, so I am possibly in need of this t-shirt to share this love with others? Yes?


The t-shirt is from DRESSiNG oN THE SiDE, available through etsy.  They also make other cute food related tees, such as this little number:

Mmmmm… doughnuts and pie.  I could sooo eat the scroll covered in icing in the picture.  If I am what I eat, does that make me sweet?  Or am I just a piggy?


  1. Courtenay reckons you make the muffins then put the fancy wrapping around them.

  2. You Can Get The Shoe Cutter Off Trade Me By Itself For About $4.00.